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Election Time 2015, Vote Tomorrow

Last year, I did a blog post on the 2014 elections.  At the time I listed the accomplishments from the incumbents, and thought I would do the same this year, for those in office and running for re-election.

a) Flood mitigation – No then and no now

b) Cut Spending  – No then and no now

c) Brought back business on Bay Ave? – I’ll give them a few businesses opening, Porcini, the T-shirt shop, the Tailor.

d) Limit the time constituents have to speak at council meetings, so they don’t have to hear about not accomplishing important things, – Yes and still in effect.

e) Vote in a Resolution that all volunteers(regardless of when/how they volunteered) must add a disclosure on Facebook as an intimidation tactic so that they don’t have to read about their short comings on Facebook? – Yes, Ms Ryan was suppose to work on rewording the ordinance as to not to include volunteers, but that has not transpired.


f) Web Site Committee – Stalled

g) Newsletter – Stalled

h) Clam Plant Lease, spent money on consultants but no New lease has been signed to date.

i) Borough Hall/PD out of trailers – Nope

j)  Tilt-up Memorial on Snug Harbor Beach – Yup, and without proper notifications to surrounding residents.

k) Community Center – complete as of Sunday, however the end cost of the repairs was at approximately $800,000 and FEMA covered 90%.

I also blogged about what had been accomplished 2 years after Sandy, take a look now we’re 3 years in..

So Tomorrow remember this when you Vote..

Why You Might Want to Attend Wednesday’s Council Meeting


1) The Hi-Rise is Back – Public portion on whether to allow 10 story buildings on the hill takes place Wednesday Night.

2) No Smoking Ordinance, to make it safe for everyone, Highlands is proposed going smoke free at all Borough Properties including the maintenance yard, all Highlands beaches, all parks, & the VFW.

Governor Christie’s Town Hall and Mobile Cabinet rescheduled

IMG_0840[1]Due to expected inclement weather, Governor Christie’s Town Hall and Mobile Cabinet will be rescheduled to the date and time listed below.

Please RSVP for the new date.

You are invited to attend a town hall meeting with Governor Chris Christie in Middletown on Tuesday, February 18th.  In order to ensure adequate seating for our attendees, please RSVP to TownHall.Middletown@gov.state.nj.us

We encourage you to include family, friends and neighbors in these open public forums with the Governor.

Town Hall Meeting with Governor Chris Christie


Tuesday, February 18th

WHAT: Town Hall Meeting

WHEN:  11:00 AM

Doors Open at 10:00 AM

Mobile Cabinet at 12:30 pm

WHERE: VFW Post 2179 1 Veterans Lane  Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Seating is on a first come, first serve basis and open to the public.  No bags of any kind are permitted in the venue.

Personal items are subject to search.

Please RSVP to TownHall.Middletown@gov.state.nj.us to allow us to do our best to accommodate demand for seating (note that space is limited, and many town hall events reach capacity quickly, so we encourage you to arrive early to ensure your seating).

Christie Town Hall In Port Monmouth

Town Hall Meeting with Governor Chris Christie

DATE:  Thursday, February 13th

WHEN:  11:00 AM  Doors Open at 10:00 AM Mobile Cabinet at 12:30 pm


VFW Post 2179

1 Veterans Lane

Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Seating is on a first come, first serve basis and open to the public.  No bags of any kind are permitted in the venue. Personal items are subject to search.

Please RSVP to TownHall.Middletown@gov.state.nj.us to allow us to do our best to accommodate demand for seating (note that space is limited, and many town hall events reach capacity quickly, so we encourage you to arrive early to ensure your seating).

Where Should Highlands Borough Hall be?

highlands boro hallOne of the things that came out of the Highlands special council meeting was the consideration of moving the permanent Borough Hall and the police station to potentially Shore or to other locations not on Bay Ave.

One of the talking points not readily available is what the cost differentials were between rebuilding on Bay or building a new building on Shore (or somewhere else)

Where do you think Borough Hall should be?

February Town Hall Notes

Last night’s meeting seemed to have a lot less people in attendance. Not sure if people were just busy, burned out on Sandy, left town or a combination of all three.

Some updates:

Americorps are going to be going out to survey the town this weekend to see where we are with the reconstruction and what is needed going forward. The town asks that you fill out and return any survey found at your Highlands home. It will help with getting future assistance.

You must fill out and apply for both FEMA & SBA in order to qualify for ICC grants. (The fact that you are rejected doesn’t matter as much as you *did* apply.

The Post Office will be opening back up on a limited basis, Mail Boxes and outgoing only. Incoming mail continue to be coming from Rumson.

Buildings such as Borough Hall, PD, & Community Center – nothing has been decided yet, they are waiting on insurance there as well.

Any homes that are abandoned will be razed due to health risks of leaving them with Mold etc. They know of 80 or so that are “bank owned”, the biggest culprit is Bank of America who isn’t looking to do any types of mitigation or construction on their bank owned homes.

Back filling the town – Not a real option, they just want the ACOE to consider other options than a sea wall. Some one in the audience brought up using the the Dutch as example on how to mitigate flooding. He was kind of shot down, but he’s idea didn’t seem any more or less crazy or far fetched as back filling the whole town.

Update your resident needs form and submit it to: the solution center (where else)

The following businesses are expected to open in March: Chilangos, Inlet, Francesco’s Pizza, Claddagh

The house lifting question & FEMA grants didn’t get addressed on if you can use ANY house lifter or specific house lifters. The last thing someone wants to do is push ahead and hire a lifter only to find out they aren’t on the approved list. Dale from T&M asked to email him dleubner@tandmassociates.com  with any questions.


Highlands Town Hall Meeting – Feb 25th 8PM

town hall signMonday Night 8pm at Henry Hudson Regional High school.  This will be the 3rd Town Hall Meeting since the storm. I’m hoping this time there are some concrete answers on a few things.  Like:

– What is up with lifting your house, how are residents supposed to pay for this when a) insurance money doesn’t pay for things upfront, b) FEMA grants can take years to come to fruition c) putting your house back together can drain existing savings

– What are alternative plans to mitigate flooding besides back filling the town? We should have a plan “b”, “c”, “d” and “e”

– How are people getting notified on what resources are available to them?  I’ve personally spoken to people that didn’t know anything about the “resident needs form“, didn’t know anything about the hope for highlands grant etc. Highlands as a town needs to get the word out about different things that are available and make sure people are taking advantage of things.

– What is the game plan to get the town back together beyond the house lifting thing, what we doing to help the businesses, attract people back to town, the Post Office, the community center/recreation center etc?

– What are the stipulations on the FEMA grants? Is anyone eligible that got a ICC letter? I’ve spoken to FEMA people that said you can use your own contractor and spoken to others who were told that they had to use “approved” contractors and couldn’t lift their homes until the FEMA grants were approved. Which seems counterproductive, does the town expect people to be displaced for years until the grants are approved?

Highlands Town Hall Meeting Notes

Garbage & Gift cards

Resident Needs Assessment – The town has created a form for people to provide a summary of what their situation is and what is needed. Its my understanding this is initial form that is being used for the monies being filtered in from all the different NFP’s.

New FEMA maps – are approximate maps with the final to come out sometime in 2013. the new maps are considered said to be very conservative. This means the levels in the zones will not be raised next year, they would only potentially be lowered.

Highlands Solution Center (Taking a page from Sea Bright) will be opening soon in the building next to Chubby Pickle. It is
set up to help streamline processes as well as provide guidance and assistance to Highlands residents. It is targeted to open between Christmas & New Year’s.

Communication Issues – Communications & local numbers should be reinstated within the next 7-10 days. For the next few days, the temporary phone number will continue to be courtesy of Cisco who are providing loaner emergency communications at no charge. Town officials can currently be reached at 408-432-2811.

Jim McGarry – Legislative Liaison NJ Banking & Insurance was there to go over insurance questions and handed out complaint forms for those having issues. This is for HOME OWNERS only,  FEMA administers the Flood insurance Complaints

HOPE FOR HIGHLANDS MONEY: The money raise by the BID (Hope for Highlands)  They want to make available up to $1000 per household for things like materials with prioritization based on needs. Some personal information will be requested because everyone wants the money to go to those who need it the most. I think the same 5 person oversight committee is being used as the Robin Hood Foundation.

Robin Hood Foundation

They committed $200,000 to the Hope for Highlands fund before the 12.12.12 concert. There are strict conditions to receive this money related to ensuring the funds are solely dedicated to the residents of Highlands.

There will be an  oversight committee to distribute the funds for these and future efforts consists of:

Rick Korn, Guy that set up the Highlands concert;

Tim Hill, Highlands Town Administrator;

Rosemary Ryan, Highlands Volunteer Coordinator;

Rachel Stockton, a local teacher;

Some CPA Guy (I didn’t catch a name)

An unnamed liaison from the Business Partnership who will not be able to vote

Lacrosse coach guy from N Jersey wants to use social media to assist with Highlands Needs as well. Mayor Nolan has more information on this guy.