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Aug 2014 = Proxigean Spring Tide in Highlands

August 10th is The Proxigean Spring Tide in Highlands. This is a rare, unusually high tide. This very high tide occurs when the moon is both unusually close to the Earth and normally occurs every 1.5 years.

Here’s the following schedule for the next Proxigean tides:

10 August 2014 Full
28 September 2015 Full
14 November 2016 Full
25 May 2017 New
2 January 2018 Full
13 July 2018 New
30 August 2019 New
16 October 2020 New
4 December 2021 New
21 January 2023 New

Valentines Day = Ice Moon in Highlands

moon over hartshorne woodsOn 14th February 2014, there will be a full moon in Highlands. Adding to the Romantic Valentine’s Evening it could also mean higher high tides.Keep an eye out on the street and be prepared to move your cars.

Full moons have traditionally been given names by various cultures around the globe to keep track of seasons. Because the heaviest snowfall usually occurs in the month of February, Celtic druids designated the year’s second full moon as the “MOON of ICE”