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Blue Moon & Clam Fest Collide

moon over hartshorne woods‘Once in a blue moon’ to describe the rare occurrence of an event or appearance of a person. The ‘Blue Moon’ refers to a fact when we have 13 full moon in a year in place of 12. When the blue moon appears, we have two full moons in a month.

This year it’s July 31st, which is a Friday and also coincides with Clam Fest.

I predict crazy behavior, possible arrests and street flooding.

Clamfest & Saturday = Police call for backup in Highlands

breakingnewsclamfestYou know how people that live around Wind & Sea complain about Wind & Sea? Well on Saturday (errr Sunday am)true to form people went out after Clamfest and got a little rowdy and gave something for the neighbors on Shrewsbury to complain about. Approximately 4 AM police were called to disperse a large crowd at Wind & Sea and HPD had to call in for back up. I’m not sure what caused the ruckus, but I’m pretty sure alcohol was involved.

Mayor thinks Highlands is 85% back together

Quoted from NJ.com article on Clamfest “I think an event like this can help bring a lot of people into town who might not have come by here otherwise,” Mayor Frank Nolan said. “And I think that once they’re here, they’ll be able to see that we’re a good 80 to 85 percent back. They’ll see of all of the things that we have to offer here, such as our great restaurants and the Seastreak Ferry. And hopefully they’ll bring some money back here to either buy a house, open a business or just to see everything the town has to offer.”

Huh??  Has he not walked through town lately? He’s not even back in his house. (As most people on Waterwitch Ave aren’t) Although, that will be good news for anyone looking for parking.

Maybe people will drive through and say “oohh I can buy that dilapidated house for $40k, then apply for a Sandy Home Buyer Assistance grant that would give people, especially first time home buyers an extra $50k towards buying a Sandy damaged home.

Clamfest – Live Music Line up

REMINDER: CLAMFEST = Road Closures in Highlands  clams

Its that time of the year: CLAMFEST

Entertainment Line Up for 2013:

Jody Joseph 6:30 – 10PM

The Carl Gentry Band – 6:45-10:45PM

DJ Johnny
Highlands Community Singers 12-12:45PM
Crimson Skye– 1:00 – 2:30PM
The Bob Burger Band – 4:00 – 7:00PMbob burger
The Jonzes Band – 7:30 – 11:00PM.

Jody Joseph
The Kootz Band – 4:00 – 8:00PM

Participating Restaurants (or food vendors) this year include: s Bahrs, Chilangos, Clam Hut, Francesco’s, Lusty Lobster, Moby’s,  Windansea, Twin Concessions & HFD.

Clamfest Winners

In Sunday’s Clamfest Clam Shucking contest, seven competitors battled to see who could shuck 18 clams the fastest. Brothers Matthew & Sean Douty (Lusty Lobster) took first & second places while Kevin Lovgreen took third.

In the clam eating competition, participants had 5 minutes to eat as many steamed clams as they could. Mark Arnone, of Eatontown, ate 98 clams to win first place, Ed Woodruff, of Highlands, ate 86 clams to win Second Place and Nick Burbank was Third Place with 57 clams.

The Clamfest record for the most clams eaten in five minutes remains unbeaten, at 104 clams.

Highlands Clamfest 2012 lineup

Thursday Aug 2 6:00 to 11:00 PM. “Family Bracelet Night,” when visitors can enjoy the amusement rides all night with a pay one price bracelet.

7:00-10:00 PM. DJ Johnny will emcee the festival and will be joined by Round the House Band

Friday, August 3rd 6:00 to 11:00 PM Josh Zuckerman Band.

Saturday, August 4th Noon – 11:00 PM

Noon:  Highlands Community Singers

1 :00 – 4:00 PM:  The Kootz Band

4:00 – 7:00 PM:   Sunny Daze

7:00 – 11:00 PM:  The Jonzes

Sunday, August 5th,  noon to 8:00 PM

12:30 – 3:30 PM:  The Steel Rail Blues Band



3:30 PM:  ALL YOU CAN EAT CLAM CONTEST – This is also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize contest to the person who can eat the most clams from their bucket in five (5) minutes. (limited to 20 participates)

3:30 – 8:00 PM:  Jody Joseph Band

Participating restaurants include: Bahrs, Chilangos, Clam Hut, Francesco’s, Lusty Lobster, and Windansea

Wine & Sangria Garden: Waterwitch and Bay Avenues
VFW’s beer garden:   in the rear of the post on Central and Bay

Admission:  FREE

Clamfest means Road Closures in Highlands

Starting tomorrow 7/31 Bay Ave from Waterwich Ave to Central Ave will be close in preparation for Clamfest.

On Wednesday Aug 1 – Monday 8/6, Bay Ave from Central to Huddy, and Waterwich from Bay to Shore will be closed due to Clamfest.

Further both Huddy Ave and Washington Avenue between Bay and Shore will be both one way.