Highlands Police News

sirensDec 28 Bernard G. Deaver, 63, Highlands was arrested and charged with Possession of a Weapon, a Bayonet, and Possession of a Weapon by Certain Persons not to be in possession of weapons after he was witnessed carrying a handgun in a holster and a large military style combat knife while walking in the street. The gun was not found.

Dec 27 Kevin  Morgan 41 Highlands was arrested for DWI.

Dec 25 A white male with black hat tried to break into a vehicle at 745pm on Highlands Avenue.

Dec 24 James T. Huber and Laura M. Ewing 22 Arizona were both arrested for Simple Assault after a street fight were both were intoxicated.

Dec 22 Michael Stoddard 35 Highlands was arrested for Theft of construction equipment and a second Warrant from Sea Bright Court.

Dec 21 John D. Broten 37 Middletown was arrested for DWI.

Dec 15 MVA  RT 36 PD O/S requested als & bls for the serious head injury.


Dec 12 A car was broken into on Bay St, although nothing was stolen, the car was ransacked. If you live on the hill, lock your car doors.

Dec 10 Leon M. Williams 60 Highlands was arrested for DWI.

Dec 7 Elyse N. Iannone 26 Highlands was arrested for DWI.

Dec 5 Tatianna Ostergaard 28 Highlands was arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Child and DWI

Nov 27  David E. Taylor 26 Highlands and Allie M. Brand were both arrested for Simple Assault and Possession of Marijuana.

Nov 25 Renee C. Laboy 34 Highlands was arrested for Possession of a  Weapon, a Stun Gun, after an altercation with her roommates, then on the same day she was arrested for Aggravated Assault and Possession of a Weapon, a knife, for stabbing an acquaintance.

Nov 25 Robert Mason 34 Highlands was arrested for Burglary and Theft.

Nov 23 MVA at Linden & Rt 36, a car going West Bound on Rt 36 attempted to turn direction at the light and toppled a dark gray SUV that was heading East on its side.

Nov 22 Renee C. Laboy 34 Highlands was intoxicated and arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Nov 21 Marcello R. Allen 22 Red Bank was arrested for Possession of a Weapon, a Stun Gun, Distribution of CDS and Possession of CDS.

Nov 11 Hugh l. Rocktoff 63 Highlands was arrested for Harassment of his neighbor.

Nov 1  Brian K. Krytofik 39 Highlands was arrested outside Windansea for Simple Assault at approximately 1:09AM.

Oct 29 Levi C. Soza, 24, was charged with kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault on victims of domestic violence and four counts of aggravated assault on police officers related to an incident Wednesday at his home.

Oct 25 An unidentified Highlands borough man was hospitalized on Sunday after police said he jumped off the Highlands Bridge and landed on pavement. First Aid transported the man to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune for head trauma.

Oct 22 Robert A Hartsgrove 50 and his wife Audra Hartsgrove 47 both Highlands were arrested for Defiant Trespass. They claimed to be homeless and were not welcome at a private residence and tried to returned even after repeated warnings.

Oct 21 Hugh L. Rocktoff 63 Highlands was arrested on an outstanding Highlands warrant/

Oct 17 Daniel O’Neil 57 Highlands was arrested  for DWI.

Oct 8 Maria Magill was arrested on outstanding warrants issued by Bernards Municipal Court.

Oct 8 Water Rescue of Barberie Ave when a kite surfer went down, a kayaker managed to get him over to the Sandy hook side.

Oct 8 Clammer rescued 5 people from sinking boat after their boat took water. All were examined on scene and released with no reported injuries.

Oct 6 Darin A. Diana 41 Highlands was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief. There was alcohol involved.

Oct 4 Deveaux A. King 19 Highlands was arrested for Disorderly Conduct as he was stumbling intoxicated in between stored boats.

Oct 4 Kathleen Anderson 51 Highlands was arrested for three counts each of Burglary, Theft and Possession of Stolen Property.

Sept 27 Daniel Carroll 43, Highlands was arrested by Off. Roxby for Disorderly Conduct after the police responded to a fight on a boat where one man was pushed in the water.

Sept 27 Darren J Callaghan 24, Tinton Falls was arrested for Disorderly Conduct in front of the Driftwood bar after he was found heavily intoxicated in the parking lot.

Sept 26 Michael R. Stanislawczyk 19, Highlands was arrested after it was found he had entered several trailers at Shadow Lawn Trailer Park and stole air conditioners.

Sept 11 A local man, who was suffering from a mental illness, was present at OLPH parking lot and contacted 911 stating that Jesus must save billions of souls. He became disruptive in the parking lot and transported him to the Mental Health Crisis Unit at Riverview.

Sept 9 Thomas A Schroetter 46 Highlands was arrested on when a resident reported observing a man entering vehicles in the Seastreak parking lot.

Sept 8 Andrew Gill 20 Highlands was arrested for breaking into cars.

Sept 7 A woman reported a Harassment complaint by another woman over an ex-boyfriend.



Aug 3 MVA on Rt 36 south bound across from CVS when drivers trying to get to clamfest accidentally collided.

Aug 2 According to Monmouth County Police Fire & EMS there was a closet fire at the duplex on Waterwitch & Bay. Luckily the FD Clamfest tent was 20 feet away and the fire was easily contained.

Aug 1 HPD raided 239 bay ave during Clamfest, witnesses said Bay Ave by Atlantic was temporarily closed and several individuals were handcuffed and blocking Bay Avenue.

July 21 9:36PM John Kovic 44 Highlands was arrested for Simple Assault of his girlfriend.

July 16 9:42PM Robert L. Stalcup 32 Highlands was charged  with Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats, Criminal Restraint, Simple Assault, and Criminal Mischief for assaulting his girlfriend. He is believed to have fled out of state.

July 13 at 6:29PM Reba M. Barrett 36 Highlands was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and was released, less than 2 hours later at 8:11PM she was arrested AGAIN for Burglary by entering an apartment through a window.

July 12 7:34PM Patrick J. Kenny 32 Manasquan was arrested for Disorderly Conduct for jumping off the Seastreak Ferry while intoxicated. (Normally this happens with Yankee games, (or in the past on St Pattys day) but this was apparently a Mets game)

July 10 11:25PM Hugh L. Rocktoff 63 Highlands was arrested Disorderly Conduct and Harassment of a female neighbor.

July 6 9:48AM James B. Kovic 52 Highlands was arrested on a NJ Superior Court Warrant for failure to appear.

July 5  A house party resulted in James J. English 18 of Toms River arrested for Possession of Marijuana and 14 juveniles arrested for curfew violations.

July 4 Huddy Ave resident Beth M. Devereaux is charged with 10 animal cruelty charges after authorities learned that five exotic African grey parrots were found dead in her home perished as a result of lack of food and water.

July 2 7:02PM Paul J Young Jr. 28 Highlands was arrested  for Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purposes and Simple Assault. Young struck several family members with a broom handle.

June 29 Two identified adult brothers fought with each other over one damaging the other’s vehicle initiating from an issue with their parents. They were advised to seek redress through the municipal court.

June 25 7:22AM An unidentified man threw animal feces on his neighbor’s doorstep accusing him of allowing his cats to roam on his lawn. The neighbor on the receiving end of the feces apparently did not own any animals and the real issue is a property dispute has been ongoing for years.

June 21 2:19AM Lauren B. Lanzara 22 Hazlet was arrested for Disorderly Conduct for being intoxicated and fighting outside Windansea bar.

June 20 9:45AM Andrew C Gill 20 Highlands was arrested on an outstanding warrant after a noise complaint in Oceanport. He was subsequently transferred to Oceanport PD.

June 20 Jon Siegert 26 of Highlands was issued an summons for having an open alcohol container, a few hours later he was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and for  being intoxicated because he insistently banged on an apartment door.

June 17 Christopher Merker 22 of Highlands went to the Police Trailer looking for assistance after he was stabbed at a beach party by Thomas Phelan III, 19, of the Leonardo. EMS was called and Merker was transported to the hospital where he was treated for 2 wounds and released. Phelan was apprehended shortly after the incident and charged with aggravated assault.  Merker was also charged in the incident with simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

June 16 A body was found off Sandy Hook by a fisherman. A small boat was dispatched out of Station Sandy Hook and the deceased man was transported back to land. There was no reported boat accidents that could explain the man’s death.

June 12 Mathew Murphy 28 Highlands was arrested and charged Possession.

June 12 Cagliano Ulysse 31 Highlands was arrested for Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault and Resisting

June 8  Justin T. Sagos 24 Highlands was arrested as he was intoxicated and sitting in the street.

June 8 Casey J O’Connor 35 Highlands was arrested  for being intoxicated and pushing his mother’s neighbor over a property line dispute.

June 8 William G. Smith 43 Highlands was arrested for threatening his roommate while intoxicated.

June 6 Martin Keily charged with defrauding FEMA by putting in claims for a vacant 5th street property that he claimed he lived in during Hurricane Irene & Sandy.

June 6 Highlands PD arrested Gerald Devereaux, 53, and charged him with  sexual assault of a minor and endangering the welfare of a child.

June 3 A car was broken into on South Linden, the culprit was apprehended by the home owner and held till the Police arrived.

May 30 Bar fight at Chubby Pickle.

May 29 Homeless man was arrested for trespass when he was found sleeping under someones porch.

May 28 Cullum B. Holaday 46 Highlands was arrested for DWI after he drove erratically at a high rate of speed and struck a parked vehicle.

May 27 MVA on Rt 36 between Miller and Highlands Bridge, a man and his daughter were turning into their driveway when a 2nd car hit him from behind. Passengers were taken to the hospital for observation but were released.

May 26 Scott R. McAllister assaulted a friend and was arrested and bail was set at $92,000 with no ten percent option, two days later he was arrested again for violation of a Temporary Restraining Order by returning to the scene of Domestic Violence.

May 25 600 to 800 people were gathered at Wind n Sea & Inlet that had to be dispersed when Brian Kirk & the Jerks were playing.windnseamemday14

May 24 Bar fight at VFW.

May 18 Steven A. Strand 42 Highlands was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct when he was found trying to enter cars parking in Connors Parking Lot.

May 17 Bar fight at American Legion.

May 15 Gregory Morehouse of Highlands entered his grandfather’s home in Oceanport and used force to rob him.

May 13 Approx 5:15 p.m. across the street from elementary school on Rt 36 South a pick up truck hit a telephone poll, which caught fire and caused downed wires to spawn minor spot fires in the brush on the side of the road. The highway was shut down on both directions until JCP&L arrived on scene. Four of the passenger which included kids were injured and taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune with “minor injures.” The driver refused treatment.

May 8 Renee C. LaBoy 33 Highlands was arrested for fighting while intoxicated. She was also found to have a failure to appear warrant. She was held until sober and could provide bail for the unrelated warrant.

May 8 A Bay Avenue woman reported that a friend had stolen a television. Highlands PD found the television at Swap for Cash Oakhurst NJ and it was returned. Gregory J. Morehouse 30 Highlands was charged with theft and released.

May 4 Michael V. Grilli was arrested for disorderly conduct after he was found urinating in Veterans Park. He was released to a sober friend with a summons for court.

Apr 5 Craig M. Delendik 40 Middletown, who had been drinking alcohol (Shocker) was arrested and charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

Apr 4 Fight in the Claddagh parking lot spilled over in the Driftwood parking lot. Nicholas R Burbank 20 Leonardo NJ was arrested for Simple Assault, when he was observed straddling another male, who was on the ground, and was striking him.

Apr 3 Steven A Corona 27 Hazlet was found passed out on the Academy Bus. He was allowed to wait with Highlands officers who had called his parents to retrieve him.

Mar 31 Sea Bright resident Victor Vincente was found asleep in the drivers’ seat of his vehicle with the engine operating in the Driftwood Bar parking lot.  He was processed and released to a sober adult.

Mar 28 Keith Guastamacchia was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and released with a summons after an officer noticed his car pulled over at Miller Hill and Rt 36 with an injured dog tied to his bumper. Guastamacchia stated he had tied his small dog to the side of his vehicle and after an argument on his cell phone with a friend inadvertently drove away with the dog still tied to the vehicle.

Mar 23 11:47 Royal F. Clark 49 Highlands was arrested at the Claddagh Bar on a Warrant for Failure to Appear issued by the NJ Superior Court Ocean County.

Mar 23 11:45 John Kovic 43 Highlands was arrested on Bay Avenue after he was ejected from the Claddagh Bar and attempted to return and was arrested and charged with Defiant Trespass and Disorderly Conduct as he was intoxicated and refused to cooperate.

Mar 22 Jon J. Siegert 26 Keansburg was arrested after he failed to pay a cab fare after a ride from Keansburg to Highlands where he exited the cab and entered the Claddagh Bar.

Mar 21 2AM Motor Vehicle Accident at the Highlands Bridge. Injuries reported and Sea Bright/Highlands EMS responded.

Mar 20 Gerald W Devereaux 53 Highlands was arrested for DWI. He was released to a sober individual with a court date.

Mar 17 William Smith 43 Highlands was arrested and charged with Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest and Hindering his Own Apprehension. The Highlands Police responded to his home and found that he had assaulted a family member and ripped the phone from her as she attempted to call the police. Smith was intoxicated and resisted arrest.

Mar 6 Guadalupe Garzon Munoz, 31, Highlands was indicted by a Grand Jury on charges of criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child. The incident allegedly happened on Sept. 29. No other details about the alleged crimes were released.

Feb 26 Maria Magill, 24, Timothy M. Brown, 22, both of the Highlands, were charged with unlawful taking of a car.  A vehicle, taken from a home of Magill’s relatives who were on vacation at the time, led to the arrest of three persons who police say took the car to go buy heroin. Terrance M. Fennell Jr. 21 was also arrested and charged with taking a vehicle.

Feb 20 A 35 foot cabin cruiser sunk in Captains Cove Marina on Washington Ave. The Monmouth County’s hazardous materials response team was on the scene to ensure no oil was spilling into the river

Feb 17 Sgt. Robert Burton observed two individuals conduct a hand to hand Controlled Dangerous Substance transaction of Heroin in the crowded Quick Chek store on Highway 36 in Highlands. Teresa J. Fennell 51 Highlands and William A. Little 56 Highlands were arrested and charged.  Note to potential law breakers, you might not want to participate in illegal activities where the cops get coffee.

Feb 15 early morning pedestrian walking across the Highlands Bridge was struck by a vehicle. The man was reported unconscious and unresponsive. He was transported by ambulance to Jersey Shore Trauma Center. Police do not have a description of the driver or the vehicle. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Sea Bright Police Department at 732 842-0010.

Feb 11 Highlands PD busted 2 in connection with the possession and sale of heroin with the Borough. Bryan J. Bodnar, 24, of Highlands and Robert W. Werthwein, 55, of Hazlet were both charged with possession of heroin, distribution of heroin, distribution of heroin within school zone, two counts of conspiracy to distribute heroin and distribution of heroin within a park zone. Highlands PD is asking anyone with information to contact them 732-872-1158. All information will be kept confidential.

Jan 31 Brian Kelly, 24, of North St, was indicted on three counts of sexual assault and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child by a Monmouth County Grand Jury.

Jan 19 Craig M. Delednick 40 Middletown was arrested at the Chubby Pickle Tavern for a NJ Superior Court Warrant for failure to appear with a bail set at $43,000.

Jan 15 Layne Bracht, 31, of Highlands, New Jersey, is charged by complaint with one count of possessing child pornography. On Oct. 28, 2013, Bracht allegedly distributed on the Internet via peer-to-peer file-sharing software, through which other users had access, a video and images depicting child sexual abuse. Special agents of the FBI executed a search warrant this morning at his residence in Highlands, seizing digital evidence that contained numerous videos and images depicting child sexual abuse, including material involving prepubescent minors and sadistic or masochistic conduct. In 2006, Bracht was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography, a charge to which he subsequently pleaded guilty. On April 2, 2008, U.S. District Judge Joseph E. Irenas sentenced Bracht to 30 months in prison to be followed by five years of supervised release. As a previously convicted sex offender, Bracht faces a mandatory minimum penalty of 10 years in prison, a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison, and a $250,000 fine if convicted of the possession offense.

Jan 8, a woman was found unconscious in a vacant residence under construction on Fourth St. The woman was hypothermic and transported to Monmouth Medical Center for treatment. Upon further investigation by DSgt Joseph Rogers the victim was unaware as to how she arrived at the location. Anyone who has information as to this incident may contact the Highlands PD.

Jan 1: Two guys got arrested outside of WindnSea (Really). Both Scott H. Knudsen and Joseph A Wheeler of Middletown were arrested for Disorderly Conduct at the Windansea.

Dec 25 Darragh Harten 23 was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, failure to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, and having an uninsured vehicle after he crashed into a retaining wall on Highland Ave. He was later released.

Dec 4 Brian C. Kelly, 24, of North Street has been charged with the two counts of sexual assault of a child. The court documents say Kelly engaged in sex acts with the girl, then 14. He was also charged in Sept 2013 with burglary, enticing or luring a child, aggravated assault, possession of burglar tools, when he entered a Highlands home and attempted to force a young girl (who had to be rescued by her baby sitter) into a bathroom.

Nov 30 The employees of Quick Chek pointed out a drunken patron who was in the store to Highlands PD. Aiden Oswald, 18, of the Port Monmouth was charged with driving while intoxicated, eluding the police, refusal to submit to breath tests, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, no headlights, failure to maintain lanes, unlicensed driver, unregistered vehicle and uninsured vehicle, when as she was pulled over accelerated through the intersection, failed to negotiate a turn in the roadway, spun and struck 3 parked vehicles then ran away and was apprehended hiding behind a house.

Nov 27 Eric D. Nempsey  28, of Laurel Drive of Highlands was charged with harassment after police say he used Facebook to harass another person.

Nov 28  Michael J. Pipicz, 23, of the Leonardo section of Middletown, and Kyle J. Andrews, 23, Highlands, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following a fight at the Wind & sea Bar, both Pipicz and Andrews were charged and released pending a court date.

Nov 27 Waterwitch Avenue a couple had a pre-Thanksgiving fight.  Both were charged with simple assault and were released on their own recognizance with a no victim contact order issued by the municipal court.

Nov 24 Eric C Harris 42 Highlands was arrested and charged with Simple Assault after he hit a friend of his.

Nov 24 Levi C Soza 23 Highlands was arrested after damaging shelves and assaulting a patron at Katz Luncheonette. He was found by the responding Officers William Siegle and Det. Ian Dobens to be heavily intoxicated (Shocker) and was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief.

Nov 23 Bryan J Bodnar 24 Highlands was arrested and charged with theft. Must be the time of year. He was charged last year around the same time in Oceanport.

Nov 17  Nicholas J. Alverson 28 of Gravelly Road Highlands was charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon and Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose. At 2 AM at the Claddagh (nothing ever good starts with ‘at 2AM at the Claddagh’) the HPD noticed a group of people in the parking lot, when he investigated he viewed Alverson holding a golf club over his head with one hand threatening to strike another male. HPD intervened preventing Alverson from striking the victim and placed him under arrest. Once known as the ‘Park & Punch’, the Claddagh’s new nickname will be the ‘Park & Putt’.

Nov 17 later that morning, Christopher A. Silletti went into the Cumberland Farms on Bay Avenue wearing a hoodie pulled up and a bandana over his face and demanded hundreds.  A clammer on going to work disrupted the transaction and Silletti fled.  HPD found him on rt 36 picked him up & charged him with attempted robbery and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He is being held at Monmouth County jail with bail set at $152,500.

Nov 13 Scott Kusch, age 26, from 4th Street in Highlands, NJ, arrested by Middletown Patrolman Albert Scott on a Contempt of Court warrant issued by the Sea Isle City Municipal Court. He was held on $500.00 bail.

Nov 2:  John Tierney, age 69, from Beach Boulevard was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Middletown, NJ He was released pending a court date.

Oct 29 Paul A Merker Jr. 44, Highlands was arrested for violating a TRO and contacting his ex-girlfriend via cell phone calls. Police noticed that the same number calling her was the same number which had been calling the Highlands Police Department intoxicated several times over the past month.

Oct 25 Megan Horniacek, age 23, from Bay Avenue was arrested on October 25, 2013 by Middletown Patrolman Anthony Gigante on a Contempt of Court warrant issued by the Middletown Municipal Court.

Oct 20 Scott J. Kusch 26 Highlands was arrested on a complaint of calling his children’s mother 61 times and threatening her. Kusch was released on his own recognizance and issued a Temporary Restraining Order.

Oct 17 Bar Fight at Ye Cork & Bottle. Upon arrival of the police all persons present declined complaints or an explanation. (Pretty sure it was a full moon that night)

Oct 17  Seven Drunk Teenagers were picked up arguing on RT 36/Miller. They were transported to the Highlands PD Trailer and waited for their parents to pick them up. The investigation will continue as to where the alcohol was obtained and as to where the consumption occurred.

On Oct 15 in the morning Andrew M. Weyrick 41 Highlands was arrested for a violation of a Final Restraining Order. A NJ Superior Court Judge ordered a bail of $7500 and he obtained a bail bond and was released later that day.  Later that day at 2:24PM he began to threaten the victim from earlier in the day and then fled. A new warrant complaint was initiated for his arrest for a 2nd violation of a FRO. He was located by the Highlands Police at a relative’s residence in Barnegat Township NJ where he was arrested a second time by Barnegat Township PD at 11:00PM.

Oct 4th: Guadalupe Garzon Munoz, 31, Highlands was arrested and charged with Criminal Sexual Contact.  He was arrested at his residence and charged and released on bail awaiting an initial court appearance.

Oct 4th: Robert J Cumiskey Jr., 39, of Pt. Monmouth was arrested in Middletown and charged with Burglary, Criminal Mischief and Simple Assault of his children’s mother who resided in Highlands.

Sept 25:  Gary D. Grieser was arrested and charged with burglary after two Gravelly Point borough residents woke up to find him standing in their bedroom, police said. A tracking police canine was used and the suspect was found at a nearby relatives home. UPDATE: Oct 14: Gary Grieser was released on Bail


  1. Jan 1: Two guys got arrested outside of WindnSea (Really). Both Scott H. Knudsen and Joseph A Wheeler of Middletown were arrested for Disorderly Conduct at the Windansea.

    Does anyone know what time that was? Was it during the extended hours?


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