Highlands Police News – 2015

Jan 3 Anthony C. Bianco 42 Highlands was arrested for Simple Assault and Possession of Marijuana after a domestic violence .

Jan 5 Traci Moser 25 Highlands was arrested after she struck a family member with a lamp during a fight.

Jan 15 A Middletown contractor reported that a resident had failed to pay after completion of house repairs. As this is a civil contractual issue and non criminal matter it must be referred the NJ Superior Court Civil Part.

Jan 16 Ryan Tate from Bay Ave Highlands was arrested by Middletown PD for DWI. He was released pending a court date.

Jan 18 A 35 year undisclosed resident overdosed on Heroin at a residence. Offs. William Siegle, George Roxby and Ryan Buck administered Narcan and performed CPR maintaining the subject until he was transported to Monmouth Medical Center. The subject later died at the hospital.

Jan 22 A Highlands renter unhappy with their rent increase preceded to harass the rental agent who subsequently called the police. The agent was advised to file a citizen complaint with the municipal court.

Jan 25 Fight at the Claddagh suspect was picked up on Shore Drive and transported to PD HQ (aka the trailer)

Jan 25 A resident complained that a neighbor observed that an unidentified subject had left human feces at his doorstep. The resident believes it is an ongoing dispute with his roommate and other subjects.

Jan 28 A resident complained that he noticed a young woman soliciting prostitution for Highlands’s area on Craigslist.

Jan 30 A child was approached in the area of Welsh Farms Driftwood Bar by a white male in a black SUV with a dented bumper and asked to get in the vehicle. The child stated the man had a smoky voice and smelled of an alcoholic beverage. The child ran home.

Jan 31 A bar owner reported a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. Off. Siegle noted that the NJ Plates were stolen in Newark however the vehicle and plates did not match. The vehicle was impounded pending further investigation.

Mar 14 6 Kayaks were reported stolen from Wyndmere Complex. Two were found at a residence in Sea Bright.

Mar 21 HPD was contacted by an outside agency to help locating a juvenile thought to be suicidal. Using GPS in a cell phone, the youth was located on Laurel Drive with 2 other local juveniles. An investigation found that the missing juvenile met another juvenile on instagram and went to met them without parental consent.  – I’m just impressed our PD knew what instagram was.

Mar 25 HPD has several complaints that cars were broken overnight. Small amounts of change were reported taken.
Mar 25 Frank W Egan 20 Highlands was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Mar 27 HPD responded to a subject suffering a Heroin overdose. The Officers began rescue breathing and administered Narcan. The subject recovered and adamantly refused further assistance.

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