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Nov 30, 2014

Guest Blogger Carolyn Broullon on the NJLM Conference

Attending this conference was at once informative as well as eye-opening as to how the different municipalities conduct business and interact with their citizens. As one of many private citizens who attended, I was able to see a glimpse of the process from a viewpoint residents rarely see. Following are my notes from the sessions I attended. Some session presentations and handouts can be found on the NJLM website at:  (Read More)

Aug 15, 2014

Guest Blogger: Carolyn Broullon New Survey

NJ Future has teamed up with a research scientist from Carnegie Mellon University to support Highlands in our effort to develop a long-term resiliency plan.  One part of this support involves reaching out to and engaging with the public to talk about flooding risk and plausible solutions. To that end, they developed a short survey to understand how best to talk about these issues with community members. (Read More)


July 18, 2014

Guest Blogger: Kim Skorka – Dear Carla

Guest Blogger:  Kim Skorka

At the July 16th council meeting Carla Braswell spent 5 minutes during her HBP report making claims about me that border on defamation of character.  Go to 16:45 here:  (Read More)


July 17, 2014

Some answers…

Guest Blogger:  Kim Skorka

Here is the update to my original June 18th post, now with answers!

Did Highlands qualify for any of the state DCA money mentioned in this article? If yes, how much? If not, why?  This is for essential services and Highlands received funding in a previous round and we haven’t spent down that money.  (Read More)


June 27, 2014

Guest Blogger: Still Inquiring…

Guest Blogger:  Kim Skorka

Here is an update on my June 18th post, which is copied below for your reference.  To summarize, here are the responses I received in the order in which I received them:

Mayor Nolan 6/18: Good morning Kim. I am going to recommend you set up a meeting with Tim Hill during regular business hours. We have to conduct business at the council meetings and will continue to give everyone their two minutes to ask questions. Also, I would try and speak to Tim on a regular basis so the list does not build up to dozens of questions.

(Read More)

June 16, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER: Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

Guest Blogger:  Kim Skorka

I’ve been attending council meetings on and off since roughly 2007 and regularly since Sandy.  There’s quite a bit going on and not everything is addressed at the meetings.  I have a running list of questions I bring to each meeting but never get through them all.  Today I emailed my list to the council members, Tim Hill, and Patrick Deblasio.  I don’t expect an answer right away as it’s a rather lengthy list.
I will ask for the post to be updated as I receive answers.  (Read More)


  1. I do apologize if I’m not in right place to make a comment so bear with me..first time commenting on this blog ! I have lived in Highlands for past 40 years – for about 4 months out of every year – and although I’m not considered a full time resident (can’t vote !!) I do pay (very high) taxes and support our town in many the way, went to Taste of Highlands & was proud of what was presented ..totally enjoyed!
    One of my (many) issues as a tax payer is ..’our public beached are unprotected’ lifeguards on duty..and there are MANY children on our (I think) two public beaches..what the hell !! So what if u post a sign (if any?) if something were to happen to a child ..shame on our town officials! Sorry but I pay taxes..for what ??
    Looking fwrd to answer/reply ..


    • Hi Patty, this blog is run by a private citizen, so not the official place to make comments, but yours are welcome and you definitely have a point. I would a) email/call Tim Hill town admin about the status of the lifeguards and b) come to town meeting 7/16 and ask your questions there to get officially on record.


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