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2016 Sandy Hook Beach Concerts



Wednesday nights 6:00 PM
Beach Ebeach concert

Call the office at 732-291-7733 or check the web site after 2:00 pm day of concert

June 15 The Nerds

June 22 The Weeklings   **

June 29  The Matt O’Ree Band  **

July 6 Tim McLoone and The Shirleys

July 13 Bob Bandiera Band

July 20 Sensational Soul Cruisers

July 27 The Carl Gentry Band

August 3 Rain Date

August 10 RipTide with Special Guest: The Sam Sims Band (Special 5:30 start)

August 17 Jobonanno and The Godsons of Soul


** Change from original list

What’s Going On This Weekend In/Around Highlands


Clean Ocean Action: 9 – 12;00 Beach Sweeps & Bunker Tours, Recreation Beach, Snug Harbor Blvd Highlands

Seastreak Oktoberfest at the Beach 12:30 – 4:30pm Seastreak Parking Lot, Shore Drive This authentic festival will include live musicians, dancers, and performers and promises to bring some of Germany’s best beers, wines, and foods to a giant Bavarian-style tented beer garden on the beach each weekend in October!

Highlands Zombie Walk Parade Saturday at 2:00pm

Make-up artists will be available at 10AM in Huddy Park to complete your transformation! (Optional purchase)

The parade begins promptly at 2PM. Immediately following the parade, there will be a costume contest at Veterans Park with CASH prizes You must be registered to be judged in the following categories:
Overall Best Zombie Costume
Best Zombie Male
Best Zombie Female
Best Zombie Child

The Zombie Pub Crawl will be held from 3:00-700PM


Sandy Foot Society, Pumpkins in the Park (RSVP a must) Sunday at 9:30am – 11:00am Huddy Park

This is a great way to meet new Highlands’ mommy and daddy friends and have some fun! Please dress warm, bring a picnic blanket and your little ghost or goblin. They will provide pumpkins and crafting supplies. If it gets too chilly we can visit our friends at Waterwitch Coffee or et al 🙂
The target age range is elementary school and younger. Please RSVP

Seastreak Oktoberfest at the Beach 12:30 – 4:30pm  Seastreak Parking Lot, Shore Drive This authentic festival will include live musicians, dancers, and performers and promises to bring some of Germany’s best beers, wines, and foods to a giant Bavarian-style tented beer garden on the beach each weekend in October!

Sandy Hook, Fort Hancock Day 12:00pm – 4:30pm 26 Hudson Road Highlands, New Jersey

On Fort Hancock Day, volunteers from the Army Ground Forces Association (AGFA) in World War II uniform will bring Battery Gunnison and its 6-inch guns to life as they were in 1943. Visitors can watch or help AGFA members conduct gun drills at Battery Gunnison, track ships, see how an original Model 1900 six-inch gun (over 25 feet long and weighing 10 tons) was aimed and loaded, learn about Fort Hancock Army medical support, see machinists making parts for the historic M1900 6-inch rifles, and more.

Bikes to Over Take Highlands Sunday – Plan Accordingly

It’s that time of year again, Every September, the Bike of New York does their annual Twin Lights regional bikenyc2015rides that start and end at Huddy Park.

Start times for longer rides will be about 7:30 AM

Mileage Options100, 75, 55, 30 or 15

At the end of the ride there will be a ‘Finish Festival.’ Local restaurants will be in Huddy Park to serve up the riders and their friends and family.

Discount to Highlands Women Running in Iron Girl

Iron girlThe Iron Girl sprint triathlon and 5K coming to Sandy Hook, NJ on September 13th, 2015. Set on the scenic grounds of Gateway National Recreation area, amenities include: a post-race café, performance shirts sized for women, professional timing, personalized race bibs, new custom finisher medals, and much more.

Registration is now open  CLICK HERE   for the sprint triathlon and 5K. Relay team options are also available for the triathlon. They created the discount code TRYIG15 for Highlands to share.

The code is good for 10% off any registration category.

Guest Blogger: Stacey Pritchard on Rain Barrel Grant in Highlands

This one was raffled in 2014 in a community project to raise awareness in Vermont.

Image Courtesy of

If you have not heard, Highlands has received a grant from NJ American Water for Rain Barrels. This grant is for environmental concerns and is for ten thousand dollars ($10k). Highlands is expecting to be able to buy at least 100 barrels, and possibly more with those funds to distribute to homeowners in Highlands.

A survey to be able to get your name in for a barrel should be published on the town website sometime this week, according to the town administrator Tim Hill.

Now many people may roll their eyes and think oh yeah… rain barrels “whoop di dooo…” no big deal.

Well one or two don’t make a huge difference beyond the garden and yard of the person using them. But for every barrel (which on average are 55 gallons) that is less water running directly into our drainage systems with a heavy rain fall. Even a fairly small roof line of 800 Square feet can produce up to 500 gallons of water in a 1/2 inch rainfall. When that water is hitting driveways ad sidewalks, which is not uncommon in our small densely packed streets, it is going right into the drainage systems and contributes to some of our flooding issues.


By diverting the water to enter the system at a non rainfall event, each rain barrel used can contribute to less street flooding in our little town.  Just like with recycling efforts, when we start working together as a community our individual efforts can add up quickly. Of course there are other great benefits beyond the flooding issues.


Rainwater is highly oxygenated, free of the salts, inorganic ions, and fluoride compounds contained in tap water that accumulate in the soil over time and potentially harm plant roots. Use of rainwater in your garden dilutes this impact, making plants more drought-tolerant, healthy, and strong. I have already started my seeds and cannot wait to start planting my garden this year, and feel even better when I can be as green as possible with the way I tend it. Why worry about my organic food when I then flood them with tap water?


You’ll help to reduce runoff pollution. When it rains, runoff picks up soil, fertilizer, oil, pesticides and other contaminants and pushes them into other areas of the landscape. These pollutants can increase algae growth in lakes, alter the habitat for fish, and even make lakes and oceans dangerous for recreational activities. Your water collecting stops some of this damaging flow. This is one of the most important issues for me. Living downtown, especially in the spring, I watch as a great deal of run off flows off the lawns of homes further up the hill. I know that many of these lawns are being treated with chemicals that are being picked up and carried on to my sidewalks, where my dogs are walking and picking up all sorts of toxins. Not to mention draining into the water.

You’ll have a fresh, green way to wash your cars and pets. Rainwater doesn’t have the salt and other chemicals found in tap water.


Rain runoff is also a particular issue in places where land erosion is a concern. Your rain catch will be especially helpful in these cases.


You can reduce your water bill. Garden and lawn watering accounts for 40 percent of residential water use during the summer, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks to a rain barrel’s water catch, the typical gardener can save 1,300 gallons of water during the growing season.

Oh and finally… If you don’t like the way the barrel looks… you can always get creative and paint it.


Rutgers Storm Water Management
How To Install A Rain Barrel
What To Do If There Is Sediment In Your Rain Barrel

Wanted: Mural Artist for Miller Hill Wall in Highlands

miller hill wall

Miller Hill Artist RFP

A nautical theme or subject matter is desired, specifically relative to the history of Highlands. This should include, beach, boating, lighthouse, and dining.

To view the full RFP click here:

Guinness Run in Highlands – CHANGED AGAIN

guinness run

Again with the changes, if anyone shows up I’ll be amazed..

WhenSaturday SUNDAY March 14, 2pm

Cost: Registration is $20.00 $25.00 and includes a t-shirt, a pint of Guinness Beer and access to the Post-Race Party at Chubby Pickle.

The race will begin at Chubby Pickle, where contestants will fill their cup and race to Miller St., and back to the finish line at Chubby Pickle. The contestant with the most liquid in their cup at the finish line, wins the 1st Place trophy and $100 in Bid Bucks. 2nd Place will receive a $50 Bid Buck. Something.

Kilts optional..

Where the St Paddy’s Are 2015

It’s that time of year again, St Paddy’s day month. As known in NJ, there is going to be St Paddy’s parades almost every weekend. The following list are the parades near us:

Mar 1  BELMAR  WHEN: 12:30 p.m. INFO:

Mar 8 RUMSON WHEN: 1 p.m INFO:


Mar 21 HIGHLANDS WHEN: 2 p.m Bay Ave


Where the Superbowl Specials Are in Highlands



Off The Hook

Chubby Pickle


HBAC presents FilmNite @ Bahrs


A Walk in Other Peoples Shoes – A UN Human Trilogy

Friday Jan 30 7 – 9 pm, Bahrs Landing 2 Bay Avenue Highlands

Gill Fickling kicks off the 2015 TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE FilmNITE Film Festival at Bahrs Landing this Friday

January 30th. FilmNITE, co-sponsored by HBAC (Highlands Borough Arts Council) and Bahrs Landing, is an interactive experience where local filmmakers and photographers introduce their work, present their work, and discuss their work with audience participants within the intimate confines of the newly created grotto-like space downstairs at Bahrs Landing.

Featuring three films Ms. Fickling filmed on location and produced for the United Nations, A Walk in Other Peoples Shoes takes us to the Solomon Islands, West Africa and Greece to experience the challenges and triumphs of the local people.

“Akhtar’s Story” Migrating to another country in pursuit of safety and a better life has long been a way of coping with crisis; but for some, the quest can be tortuous and seemingly without end.

“The Wood for the Trees” In a remote corner of the Solomon Islands, a land of dense trees once populated by head-hunters, a struggle is underway – how to keep up with the 21st Century, while also protecting a way of life.

“People of the Forest” For most of us, owning a passport or identity card is something we take for granted. Observe how the pygmies of West Africa have never been recognized as citizens of their own country.


For the past 12 years, Highlands-based film-maker, Gill Fickling, has been traveling the world making films for the United Nations covering issues of UN priority – human rights, climate change, women’s health and safety, indigenous people’s struggles, and the fight for democracy. The films tell the stories of people’s lives and how they are impacted by these themes, their brave struggles for survival and their courage overcoming challenges of the world’s forgotten stories. Gill’s films have been shown at Film Festivals around the world as well as at numerous high-level events where global policy-makers are brought together under the UN umbrella.

ABOUT HBAC Highlands Borough Arts Council
HBAC mission: Improve the quality of life in Highlands Borough by helping the arts to flourish. For more information on HBAC including a listing of events and upcoming programs, please see our facebook page or email us at

HBAC Launches FilmNITE at Bahrs Landing

Highlands, NJ is most often associated with clamming, national park beaches, great restaurants, prohibition rum-running, and Marconi’s transmission from the highest point on the Eastern seaboard.  Rich in natural beauty and historically significant, Highlands and the surrounding area is also home to many world class filmmakers and photographers.

In recognition of this amazing resource, Highlands Borough Arts Council (HBAC) and Bahrs Landing Restaurant will be hosting FilmNITE on selected Friday evenings from January through April. FilmNITE is an interactive experience where local filmmakers and photographers introduce their work, present their work, and discuss their work with audience participants within the intimate confines of the newly created grotto-like space downstairs at Bahrs Landing.  While FilmNITE features local film artists, the subject matter spans local and global themes and ranges from the serious, to the silly, to the sublime.

This year’s program features world renowned, award winning filmmakers and photographers.  The variety of styles and mediums being featured illustrate how film and photography have become an integral part of our daily life and how images represent a universal language.  The documentary films, short video vines, and still photography being presented capture and chronicle the mundane and the monumental … and everything in between.

The program is rich in diversity, reflecting experiences and issues that transcend time and place.  Collectively entitled Take a Walk on the Wild Side … the program takes us from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  In addition to featuring a screening of a newly released music video, the program highlights a people’s struggle in the wilderness of West Africa, the intricate symmetry of light fractals found in the wild, and life in Wildwood, N.J.

Please join us in celebrating these local artists as they share their work and their stories with us at Bahrs Landing, 2 Bay Avenue, Highlands NJ
FilmNITE filmfest calendar mini for press

ABOUT HBAC Highlands Borough Arts Council

HBAC mission: Improve the quality of life in Highlands Borough by helping the arts to flourish.  For more information on HBAC including a listing of events and upcoming programs and events, please see our Facebook page or email us at

Highlands Borough Arts Council (HBAC) is a committee of Atlantic Highlands Arts Council (AHAC), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  This program is made possible in part by Monmouth Arts through funding from the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the New Jersey State Council the Arts. 





Snug Harbor to Atlantic Street – A future with hope is coming..

January 8, 2015
future with hopeTwo Leaders in Sandy Recovery, A Future With Hope and St. Bernard Project, Are Teaming Up to Help Highlands residents who need construction and recovery help as a result of super storm sandy.  Both organizations have capacity to help more people.  starting Dec. 29, representatives from both organizations will be Walking each street of highlands to Make a Visual assessment of each home and follow-up with homeowners to make sure that all homeowners in Highlands have a path to safe and secure housing.


What:                                   Qualified staff from A Future With Hope and St. Bernard Project will assess Highlands street by street to identify properties in need of repair and contact owners to offer assistance.


When:                                  Starting Dec. 29, 2014

Where:                                Highlands, N.J. starting at Snug Harbor Ave. and working toward Atlantic St.

About A Future With Hope:

A Future With Hope is a nonprofit organization started by the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey to lead relief and recovery efforts after Superstorm Sandy.  Skilled volunteers come from all over the United States to rebuild homes.  The organization’s goal is to use 20,000 volunteers to help rebuild 300 to 500 homes and give case management to affected families.


Through the end of December, they have completed more than 123 homes throughout the state and 10 homes in Highlands.  They have completed work in 21 different communities including Atlantic City, Brick, Forked River, Highlands, Keansburg, Little Egg Harbor, Manahawkin, Ocean Gate, Union Beach and others.  For more information please visit


About St. Bernard Project:
St. Bernard Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make sure that communities affected by disaster have the resources to recovery.  The residential rebuilding program in Monmouth County serves home owners who lack the financial means necessary to rebuild on their own.  St. Bernard’s New Jersey operations are committed to the long-term recovery of Monmouth County.   For more information, please visit


A Future With Hope Contact:

Carolyn Conover  office 732-359-1016  cell 310-850-1940


St. Bernard Project Contact:

Chad Carson       cell:  504-222-2972

Public Notice

Holiday Artisan Fair Nov 29th

ornamentUnique Handcrafted Gifts from Local Artisans

Saturday, November 29th 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Francesco’s Garden Terrace 279 Bay Avenue, Highlands

Celebrate the centuries old holiday tradition of treating yourself and others to unique handcrafted gifts. Pick from a range of artisan gifts … from silk scarfs, to felted wraps, to framed photography, to jewelry, furniture and more! Find the perfect gift for those special people in your life. Work with our artisans to craft a hand-written note to accompany the gift you select.

We are featuring local artisans from the Highlands/Atlantic Highlands area. These artisans reflect the diversity and core fabric of our community … these artisans include classically trained as well as self-taught individuals, they range in age from 17 to 70+, and their materials and inspirations include local and global influences. Please join us in celebrating their expression! Representative artists are listed below:

Arnie Fuog Natural Furniture & Furnishings Integration of native & reclaimed materials to create functional yet soulful furnishings

Barbara Lipton Hand Made Scarfs & Wraps Blending of traditional techniques and natural fibers to create one-of-a-kind wearable art

Cheryl Cummings Artisan Bread Various home-made crusted breads

CJ O’Farrell Poet, Illustrator & Storyteller Inspired by everyday life. Acrylics, hand inked zines, and original comics

Judith Heredia Painter & Sculptor Paintings and rock sculptures influenced by nature

Knut Molhman Sculpture Artist Mixed media artist combines wood and metal to create three-dimensional art

Laury Egan Author & Photographer Book signing for award-winning author and photographer

Lola Adolf Photographer & Painter Award winning artist featuring local scenery and historic sites and homes

Marty Rosen Bottle Cap Artist Use of bottle caps to create folk inspired mosaic art

Maureen McCrink Singer & Songwriter Christmas CD from the McCrink sisters

Mischele Diebold Textile Jewelry Hand sewn bracelets and earrings embellished with crystals

Paula Corris Driftwood Artist Masterful manipulation of driftwood to create unique three-dimensional art objects

Phoebe/Beth Allen Mother Nature’s Beauty Hand crafted soaps

Rene English Potter and Jewelry Maker Sea is the source of inspiration for distinctive pottery and jewelry

Stacey Pritchard Petals and Stone Jewelry as an extension of sculpture integrating silver, precious stones and natural objects

Virginia Pointon Sea Glass & PMC Jewelry Extraordinary sea glass and precious metal clay pendants

Wendy Cassaday Multi-Dimensional Artist An eclectic group of hand-made gifts from paintings to pens

Winfield Matthews Painter Diverse range of paintings from playful childhood characters to rich Biblical interpretations


Francesco’s has been in continuous operation in Highlands for over 30 years. Proprietor Giorgio Migliaccio offers high quality Italian food in a casual family-friendly atmosphere. This event will be held in the Garden Terrace … a heated space overlooking the herb and flower garden that helps to flavor the food and adorn the tables at Francesco’s.

ABOUT HBAC Highlands Borough Arts Council

HBAC mission: Improve the quality of life in Highlands Borough by helping the arts to flourish. For more information on HBAC including a listing of events and upcoming programs, please see our facebook page or email us at

Halloween for kids & seniors in Highlands

sandy jackolanternsSeniors:

The Highlands Senior Citizen Group will be having a Halloween Luncheon on Thursday, October 23rd at 12:00 noon at the VFW Hall on 331 Bay Ave. The cost is $5.00 per person which includes pizza, soda, donuts, apple cider, and coffee. Come join us for a Spooktacular Day of fun, games, and spooky music. Enter our Costume Contest for Scariest, Most Original, and Funniest costume. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Rose at 732-291-7512 or Judith at 732-291-9249 by October 20th.



Halloween Costume Contest & Magic Show
The Borough of Highlands Recreation Dept. will be having its Halloween Costume Contest and a Magic Show on Sunday, October 26th at the Henry Hudson Regional School Cafeteria. The Costume Contest will begin promptly at 1:00 pm and the Magic Show will begin at 1:30 pm. Categories for participation in the contest are as follows: Ages 3 and under; Ages 4, 5, & 6; Ages 7, 8, & 9; Ages 10 and up; and Themed Group (3 or more people). Prizes, refreshments, and candy will be available. Please call 732-872-1224 ext. 232 if you have any questions.

It’s Lighthouse Challenge Time Again

twin lightsThe Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is happening the weekend on October 18th & 19th, 2014. Visitors may enjoy the opportunity to tour the state and visit each lighthouse over the weekend, and help raise needed funds for the continued preservation of our treasured landmarks.

Twin Lights & Sandy Hook Lighthouse are just two of the 11 participating lighthouses.

Children aged 11 and under climb free with an adult. More information and hours of operation for each lighthouse are found at participating lighthouse and museum websites and at, and NJ Lighthouse Challenge Facebook