Highlands Grant Programs

 LMI Homeowners Rebuilding Program

This program is designed to provide reconstruction, rehabilitation and elevation assistance to homeowners of low-to-moderate income (LMI) who were impacted by Superstorm Sandy and whose storm-damaged primary residence is located in one of the nine most impacted counties. This program is additionally designed to help LMI homeowners of Limited English Proficiency and owners of manufactured housing units, as well as those LMI homeowners who did not apply for the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) Program.


  • Homeowner must qualify as low- to moderate-income based on their household adjusted gross annual income at the time they submit an application
  • Homeowner must have registered with FEMA.
  • Homeowner must have owned and occupied the damaged at the time of the storm.
  • The damaged home must have served as the homeowner’s primary residence.
  • The damaged home must be located in one of the nine most impacted counties of Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, or Union.
  • The damaged home must have sustained Sandy-related damage of at least $8,000 or had more than one (1) foot of water on the first floor

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Robin Hood Foundation Housing Repair Grant Program

Robin Foundation there is a social worker assigned to administering the RHF grant money.

Eligible Home Owners

  • Must be owner occupied in Highlands.
  • Must have damage by Hurricane Sandy
  • Must be returning to or rebuilding your home in Highlands.
  • Must meet low to moderate income guidelines.

Return your application, with the requested verification to:
Attention: Robin Hood Grant
Post Office Box 375 HIGHLANDS, NJ 07732

You can also make a confidential appointment with Sarah Thoma, by calling 732-291-4713. She is also in the HSC top floor

Homeowner Resettlement Program

The Homeowner Resettlement Program provides $10,000 in funding assistance to eligible homeowners. In an effort to support homeowners’ decisions to stay in their homes and contribute to the rebuilding of their neighborhoods, the Homeowner Resettlement Program was created to provide struggling homeowners with financial relief to help them make the decision to proceed with home improvements and resettle in their homes.

  • Must be owner occupied in Highlands.
  • Must have damage by Hurricane Sandy
  • Must be returning to or rebuilding your home in Highlands.
  • Sustained a minimum of FEMA full verified loss (FVL) determination of Major or Severe ($8,000 or greater) or more than one foot of flooding on the first floor.

The Resettlement program is not individually income restricted although sixty percent (60%) of award funds will be reserved for low and moderate income households. Applicants will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

RREM Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation Program

About 6,000 eligible applicants can receive up to $150,000 each to fix their homes. The households must have an adjusted gross annual income of less than $250,000, and the home must be a primary residence.

This grant won’t be distributed until later this summer (2013), according to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Applicants will be processed on a first received, first evaluated basis. Homes must be located in one of the nine most impacted and distressed counties (Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Oceans and Union), and will be prioritized based on the degree of sustained damages.


Saturday, June 8, Housing Recovery Centers will open in each of the nine counties most impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

 Eligible homeowners whose primary residences were damaged or destroyed in the storm can visit the Housing Recovery Centers to apply in-person for two reNew Jersey Stronger housing grants: the Homeowner Resettlement Program and the Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program.
Sandy-impacted homeowners DO NOT NEED to come to the Housing Recovery Centers if they previously applied to the reNew Jersey Stronger grant programs online or over the phone. Instead, applicants who previously applied will be contacted in the next few weeks about the status of their application(s) and any additional steps that they must take.
Below are the locations for Ocean & Monmouth Counties:
Monmouth County
3 Paragon Way, Suite 150
Freehold, NJ
Ocean County
750 Vassar Avenue, Suite 1
Lakewood, NJ

Small Rental Rehabilitation Program (SRRP)

Finally a grant program for owners of rental properties. Provides up to $50,000 per unit in grant funding assistance to eligible owners of rental property from 1 to 25 units. The SRRP will provide funds to help owners to repair, reconstruct, and elevate rental property damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The SRRP is intended to help existing owners restore their properties and to possibly receive reimbursement for eligible building expenses incurred by owners prior to the SRRP implementation but not paid for by other programs. New owners are also eligible for assistance.

More Rental Grants

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  1. has anyone received any money? i sent my application in certified mail and never got a response? an employee at a post office also said that there was many problems with the mailing address? Forwarded to different address ?


  2. There should be an investigation with the state attorney general on where did all of the money from Hope for Highlands go? Though many people filled out the application and returned it the very next day via certified mail, all money was gone at that time. I would begin to look into how many elected officials, hbp personnel, and business owners were given money compared to residents that aren’t connected to any of these self-serving people.


    • they made it a point to sent it to a po box instead of directly to 140 bay ave. this gave them time to distribute it. i was down at the distribution center and one of the volunteers said she got the money in about two weeks. i guess i might have gotten it too if i “hand delivered’ it. and from what i understand tim hill is in charge of it. there waas 250000 from robin hood plus all the concerts. they said only 90000 was given out. where is the rest? dont worry shore grax got theirs i bet. plus carla rentals upstairs.and her house i sent my application out as soon as i got it. it did not get to the hbp till march. it was tied up in forwarding hell bc they should have put the proper address out.. the letter was printed jan 18.. you knew that there was no po boxes in highlands. you knew the problems that would occur. but they left the ppl of this town hanging. plus i also urge every person in downtown highlands to apply for the mitagation grant. the office of emergency management says the deadline in march 31 but the town said its in june. i trust the oem of the state of nj. it is free money to helpp with your house.. fema will give 75% and you would have to put in the other 25% . it cant hurt and they will know in approx 18 months. they more ppl that apply in a town the better the money they get. according to fema and the town there will be no deed restrictions on your house like the rumor that was going around.. i know a lot of ppl dont know what to do anymore but please apply for the grant. it can only help you. there is also a community block grant that will be coming out soon that will help a lot of ppl of low to moderate incomes. which is most of us in downtown. as soon as i hear info i will try to post it to everyone. stay positive. dont trust anything the town says. we all need to stick together.


    • Do you know If we apply for the grant.. are we paid directly by Fema/Govt or does the town get the money on our behalf? Which I would be weary about, The town hasn’t been honest..I wouldn’t trust them.


    • A friend in FL went through the process & in his case, they went through the county and the county administered the grant money, so I’m assuming that the town would


    • I believe the hazard mitigation grant goes through the town but fro my understanding at Gov. Christie town hall meeting I attended the state will be handling community block grant applications. That was my impression which is good as they want to get money into the right hands and seemed to be very concerned about fraud. End of April should be an announcement.


  3. At the meeting the Mayor said they ran out of money BUT not to worry because cause as the town gets more donations, the payouts will resume. Only thing is, I can’t find one person in town who got the cash… On another note, I’m going to ask the mayor if they will give me the password to the school’s broadband so I can try the live streaming again at the next meeting.


  4. I have had a lot of problem signing on to the website for the state grant programs; however the customer service will do the application for you over the phone. The info you will need is the following:

    SS#’s for all in household including kids
    2013 estimate household income
    2012 actual household income
    Block/lot number
    Fema registration number
    SBA application number
    Insurance policy numbers – flood insurance and h/o name

    the website is http://www.renewjerseystronger.org
    As of July 10, they are still taking applications for the 150K grants and the 10k grants for staying in affected areas.


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