Highlands Sandy Fact vs Fiction

iPhone Apps to check the elevation of your house – Download apps to check the elevation of your house.   SANDY FRAUD HOTLINE                 866-720-5721
NJNG Rebates  You are still eligible until 2014, don’t forget to fill them out. You’ll need your receipt, your contractor info & an energy audit. What you’re insurance company will ask for when filing an ICC Claim
Notice for Landlords and Tenants The following two hotlines have been set up to answer all homeowner and business owner questions regarding elevations:  855-SANDYHM (855-726-3946) for homeowners  855-SANDYBZ (855-726-3929) for business owners
Homeowner’s Guide to Flood Insurance  – Courtesy of Simple Dollar What is Blue Acres and How do I find out if I qualify?
What is Claim Insurance Mediation?  The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) has established a free mediation program to assist New Jersey residents in resolving their Sandy-related insurance claims. Ok, I got a rejection letter for the RREM grant, what do I do now? – How to Appeal
Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy

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  1. You can find your elevation by using a FREE app called Altitude+ works on Windows Phone and iPhone or Get Altitude for Android.


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