Why Is There A Double Standard in Highlands?

Ever notice that your neighbor cracks a joke, and you crack the same joke and people look at you funny? It happens. Apparently, if you haven’t lived here long enough or don’t have the ‘right’ last name you are not allowed to touch on certain subjects.


The school system
Dentistry Issues of Highlands Residents
Highlands Stereotypes
The difference between Atlantic Highlands & Highlands
Political Stuff
Liking or Not Liking certain restaurants
Other Stupid Issue Insert Here

But I’m allowed to be called a Bennie, an Ahole seastreaker, an outsider, a newcomer, a not a real clammie, not a real Highlander, unhappy, hole in my heart or should I say whole in my heart, malcontent, peanut gallery etc etc.. But I’m not allowed to say anything about anyone else.

What I do like about Highlands, I’ve lived in some really bad places, with really bad people, Highlands is still Mayberry to me. There are some really good people that are just awesome. And then there are some totally jerks. But when you’ve lived in places with really bad, bad people, HIghlands still pales in comparison. So the awesome people outweigh the douches.  It irritates me that the some of the douches think they outweigh everybody else. You don’t.

I personally am just some move in person that writes a blog with the name “Highlands” in it. I’m not a true local nor do I claim to be. I don’t have Clammer in my blood (but my one brother did clam one summer in LBI) Although I can legit claim Captain of a boat and fire chief to my blood (not in Highlands but….) Certain people should be more worried about what happens off line than social media. Worry more about what I’m saying about you door to door and in person.  Or don’t – that works more in my favor.


  1. Not true of the “real” Highlanders as they are the salt of the earth, but the new crew who have staked their claim from elsewhere , very accurate. They are interim who took control and now resent being challenged. Stop holding Highland’s hostage to special interests. Not a single person has looked out after the people with clamming in their blood and the so people that are in charge now, has not an once, only looking out for each other. Don’t let their names fool you!


  2. Anybody loose a pet Lizard? There is one sunning himself on my roof. Second street, Highlands no


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