What Is A Real Highlander?

teethWhen I had only lived in Highlands a few years, a gruff Clammer guy looked at me one day and stated, “I can tell you’re not a ‘real’ Highlander”, I looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Oh yeah, how’s that?”, without missing a beat, he retorts, “Because you don’t floss your teeth with boat rope.” – at this point I was a little confused, because I had no idea what that meant. He further chuckled at his own joke and stated, “Most real Highlanders don’t have all their teeth.”

So when a local tells you, “Your not a real Highlander/Clammie” – just remember, its not an insult, what they are really saying is “Nice teeth”.


  1. I am a real Highlander and I have my teeth. I don’t normally get offended by things said, but this was something that I always found insulting when people who were not from Highlands said to me “You are from Highlands??? You can’t be you have your teeth!” This is the perception of many outside of this town, and it is about time it changed.


  2. Time for change people. I lived in Hoboken for 20 years and was one of the townies. New people and the change they bring keeps a town vital, encourages positive change, reinforces the need for improvement and appreciates property values. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose the character that defines your location or the home you live in. You might look to a local place called New York City where the welcoming of newcomers and the change they bring keeps it relevant and exciting – and from what i can tell most residents have good teeth!!


  3. This is indeed racist…and not at all humorous. New Jersey itself has recently been portrayed as the most unliked state in the country.. to think being in the Highlands with this type of humor is facetitious is beyond me. I recently went to Francesco’s to place an order and when I told them I was going for a walk they asked me to pay up front in case I went somewhere and got drunk and didn’t return for my order..
    Welsh farms is another story all together.
    I’m sorry .. I have been trying to understand for three years but don’t see anything to support all the accolades. In case you are wondering why I don’t just move on I am considering this if I can sell to someone who doesn’t mind flooding.


  4. lately, I’m finding that a “Highlander” really is a varied mix of people who indentify positively with this town…(even with all the negative things that are slowly..slowly…fading with time and improvements here and there And with all the cagy characters and way too local families….)….It really does seem to include every aspect of all spectrums.

    Nicest of all would be not thinking town-wise…but think regionally….county,…or NJ…And having lived in a few other states (even good ones like CA) it is only as good or bad as your mind makes it.

    But, yes, there are still some places in wild old NJ where people have their “summer teeth” “some ‘er here and some are there…”


  5. Who has all real teeth anymore anyway unless your a kid? Its amusing that someone from Highlands said that. New Yorker’s perceived as rude(not true) I’m born and raised in Brooklyn I don’t take offense cause I know its not true.


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