Possible Shared Services Between Sea Bright & Highlands

According to Word On The Shore, Sea Bright’s borough’s department of public works (DPW) could be on the move in the future across the bridge to Highlands.

Sea Bright Councilman Marc Leckstein, who is a member of the borough’s DPW’s committee, said there have been discussions to share DPW services with Highlands.

“We are still working with Highlands to develop a plan of a possibility of sharing services and moving over a lot of our equipment and storage over there,” Leckstein said. “We just do not have the room in Sea Bright, and it’s causing a lot of animosity in places where we do store it. A lot of residents are complaining.”

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6 thoughts on “Possible Shared Services Between Sea Bright & Highlands

  1. duncan mccleod

    Doing this is useless and will probably cause more problems than it will solve. The town tried this with garbage pick up and it ended up not working. This idea is just band aid for the huge problem that highlands is too small to handle things financially. Bills and spending cant be paid without huge tax increases. The only real solution is for the town to be taken over and run by a larger tiwn like middletown. This solves a lot of problems. Taxes would drop dramatically and we get rid of the incompetent good ol boy government we have now. Residents and businesses should be actively working torward this goal. Unless everyone just enjoys paying huge taxes for little to no services and a town that is going nowhere!!


    1. My name is "old news"

      As far as the tax increases go, take a look along Route 36 and see all the for sale signs. That is the future of Highlands. The political system has failed us miserably, and there is truly no hope in the “good old boy ” network. We need more open minded business people to run our town.


  2. Gerard T. Dominguez

    Seems like a good idea, Sea Bright rids itself of DPW vehicles and heavy equipment from their borough and garages them in Highlands. Will they assist and work along side current Highlands DPW personnel in their many tasks, or is this just an equipment share. The DPW delivers the best bang for a buck in Highlands. It is a soft target because it is small. I hope big buck entities, that would reduce taxes like our Police Department and the Schools are also being examined and considered for consolidation.


  3. NJView

    I am usually a song supporter of “shared services” but that’s not what this is- its a neighbor paying uys to store its ugly bully items. I dont think this is a positive for our towns image , as a storage area for boro garages.. Both boroughs are about the same size and we are already poorly using our best areas- Shore Drive is blocked off by trailers which could easily be placed elsewhere, the bike trails attractiveness is harmed by the industrial placement of open industrial areas right along our most positive scenery. If SB wants storage areas it should look at all the vacant commercial space in Long Branch. which is just as easy (maybe eaier, given shore traffic, etc) an access point….


  4. NJView

    Sorry for many typos in my prior post= (and no option to edit from what I can tell) Should have typed ‘Strong Supporter” and paying “us” not ‘uys’ and Bulky, not bully. Time to shut down ! LOL


    1. Admin Post author

      Knowing proper English and knowing how to type are 2 totally different things. That being said, having shared services isn’t a bad thing. In this case, SB is more land limited than Highlands is. If we can potentially make money on allowing SB to store vehicles in our existing yard is a positive not a negative. That being said, they will probably look at LB.. We have Becky and Tim Hill working on this.. they will definitely find a way to not do this..


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