NOT WANTED: Volunteers for Community Center

RDW Com CtrAfter last week’s post that Volunteer’s were needed, and Barbara Iannucci posted a date of July 11th on the Highlands Facebook page, Council Person Ryan reached out to her and indicated that the date would not work because Tim Hill had to meet with the Contractors on July 14th.

This seemed like a power play to me to squash the effort by arguing about the dates.

Add in the fact that I personally ran into Tim Hill and I asked him why he was being a road block. At which time he insisted he was not a road block and any dates chosen were done so solely between Barbara Iannucci and Tara Ryan, he was totally out of it.

He further stated that he would not be around on July 11th. Which I looked at him funny and asked “So what does that have to do with anything?”,   He stated back, “Oh you don’t get why I need to be there..”  Well, if he wasn’t the roadblock and had absolutely nothing to do with the picking of a date, how does his vacation schedule come into play?  Unless of course, he’s not totally out of it.

He then proceeded to pull up next to me as I was walking and state he further could not wait for volunteers to come in and the job needed to be done.  So I told him I thought using the volunteers was important and every one needed to get in a room and work through it that day.

I proceeded to send the following email:

It’s been brought to my attention that the Date of July 11th for the volunteer effort at the community center is now in question.
Mr. Hill stated to me this morning, he is not the road block and the picking of the dates is between Ms. Iannucci and Ms. Ryan. Further, Ms. Iannucci chose the date without consulting Ms. Ryan first.   I have have also heard that Mr. Hill had a meeting with a contractor on the 14th of July and the volunteers could not come in before that.
The he said, she said crap needs to stop and ego’s need to be checked at the door.
Regardless of who checked with whom about a date, it was set and there has been a positive response from residents.  This needs to happen because, it gives the community the sense of contributing and having some control over the rebuilding of Highlands. Working shoulder to shoulder with neighbors towards a common goal is something Highlands needs desperately.
I would suggest meeting “today” to work through this.  And what would work even better than meeting, is if all the parties involved could just agree to the July 11th date because it was already put out there and just go with it.
Surprise, ghosted by Tim Hill.
I did however receive the following response back from Tara Ryan;
This will be worked out. I agree that it is important to the community and to the volunteers to resolve the issue, and have the volunteers participate in the project.  Tara Ryan
Then I found out the Community Center already had been cleaned out. (See pictures below)
community center

So, I sent a follow up email:

Mr Hill,
Would mind providing the date you entered the community center and cleaned out the bottom floor? Also how much notice was given to Ms. Ryan and Ms. Iannucci before this task was assigned and completed. Lastly how much did it cost us (the town) to do this?

To date, no response has been received.

What Tim Hill doesn’t understand, is his repeated lack of communication speaks volumes. Not only this issue, but all the other issues he doesn’t respond to.

What Highlands residents need to understand, this effort had been attempted to be rectified offline, but it couldn’t be due to the lack of communication from the town’s administrator.

In my opinion, that defines a road block.
There is talk of having other projects for the volunteers to work on, as those projects and dates become solidified, I’ll pass them along.

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  1. Another shining example of what is wrong with highlands…. how many years since sandy? And no borough hall….. no community center…. the whole town run out of trailers costing us tons of cash!! But…. the town doesnt need all the help it can get? Typical!! And tim hill…… trying to win the worst administrator of the year award!


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