7 thoughts on “Volunteers Wanted For Highlands Community Center

  1. chris07732

    Barbara: I thought it was pretty clear T&M (and the council) thought it was a bad idea to mix volunteer help and contractor efforts to rehab the community center. Concerns about OSHA safety, diffuse responsibility issues, etc. At this point, the contract has been awarded. What work can volunteers do that isn’t already part of the scope of work? Has something changed that T&M is going to welcome the volunteers?


    1. Admin Post author

      Well Chris, if you were up on your FB threads, you would have known there was an email sent on Sunday Evening, saying there was a greenlight for Volunteers :
      Rebecca Kane Kim, I know that Tara has been waiting a list of volunteers from Barb for the Community Center project and has not recevied it to date, we will be moving forward and picking a date to get that started. Scott Wolfersberger if you are interested please PM me your infomation and we will get back to you with the volunteer effort.
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      Barbara Iannucci Becky, that email from Tara informing us that the town is now ready to line up volunteers came in on Sunday …. it is only 1-1/2 business days later …. Give people time to check their schedules please so they can commit to volunteering.
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  2. barbara iannucci

    Yes, it is getting the jobsite ready for contractors to begin the work. Depending on the turnout we are planning to start the weekend of July 11th. Since the building is not air conditioned we have planned late afternoon times from 4-6 to get the job done. Hoping that those who signed the petition would be available on Saturday July 11th, and Sunday July 12th. Please email me at barbara@unex.com if you care to join us and volunteer.


    1. Bert

      Barb: 4-6 in the afternoon is going to be the hottest time of day, since the roof and walls have been under sun load for 10-11 hours by then. It would be cooler from 6-9am.


  3. barbara iannucci

    Good point Bert. Tara Ryan was thinking of some AM hours as well … so there will most likely be a morning shift for those that prefer that. Many of the volunteers were pretty flexible so the hours can be changed if that helps everyone with the heat and/or their schedules. I will be emailing a final update sometime next week. Thank You to everyone who has jumped in to volunteer.


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