Sewer Bills And Council Seats

On the 17th Highlands Council Meeting, during the public portion section. It was asked if all the council were up to date on their Highlands Sewer Bills and stated if they were not, it wasn’t right. Especially after Sandy when so many people were displaced and still required to pay Sewer bills for properties that were not habitable.

Previously, it was indicated that there was no way the town could waive any sewer fees because our I&I was the same, and the town’s bill had to be paid.

So doesn’t it seem unreasonable that if the town “must” pay their “town” sewer bill, and regular Joe residents must pay “their” bills, that the individual council members must pay “their” bills.

BTW – you can now pay your bill online. Makes it even easier..


  1. It is important to note that it is not “all” council members, just specific ones who somehow believe the are above the rules. Ask who at the next council meeting. Hold them accountable. And in a town on the verge of financial collapse… Then remember this at election time. We need a change!


  2. Highlands needs and deserves leaders who have business, long-range planning skills and experience in leadership. The “it’s my turn” philosophy can wait until the town is financially secure. Ego should take a backseat to business, leadership and planning skills….at least until the town is financially solid.


  3. If this question needs to even be asked…. the this clearly shows the magnitude of the arrogance of thevtown government. Not to mention they do get paid. Solution: hifhlands needs to merge with middletown asap if we ever want to get competent and honest leaders!!!


  4. If any borough employee or official has not paid two or more quarters, then they should not be getting their stipend or expense reimbursements and pay should be reasonably garnished. I know we have some contracted employees that are late and there is nothing we can do about it now, but this should be put into the next contract.

    This is not a late payment issue. This is a non-payment and it’s a slap in the face to everyone in the borough that pays their bills, even the ones still displaced after Sandy. I’m sure we all forget to pay a bill once in a while or we mail a check late. But month after month, quarter after quarter, is a conscious decision.


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