Seastreak To Add Sea Bright Shuttle

seastreak sbAs a way to leverage the Seastreak Ferry and NYC beach goers, Sea Bright is pleased to announce a partnership that allows bus service to/from Sea Streak Connors and Sea Bright.

The service which is initially Weekends only, touts:   “Ride the Seastreak shuttle bus to the beaches at Sea Bright, NJ and receive complementary beach passes! Complimentary shuttle service provided between the Highlands, NJ Ferry Terminal and Sea Bright, NJ beaches. Our shuttle busses will be waiting for you upon arrival at Highlands and will bring you to Sea Bright. We’ll pick you up in the afternoon for your return to the ferry.”

Way to do economic development Sea Bright. Well done.


  1. I’ve been getting Sea Streak emails lately advertising everything from NYC restaurants to things to do when you get to LI.

    I hope the HBP is working on something!


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