Shadow Lawn Up for Hi Rise Discussion AGAIN

In case you forgot, this was the vote from September 2013:

Nolan –  Yes
Redmond – “I may be quiet but I listen to you” – NO
Ryan – “I heard your security concerns” – NO
Francy – “I’m going to reiterate my last vote” – NO
Becky – “I don’t know why you think I’m not approachable” – NO

Last time they tried to say that any issues regarding Slump Blocking was just “fear mongering“.  Which was funny because then we had the Slope Failure of 2014.


  1. Great! Let’s finally raise the houses down in town and then weigh down the low land area at the end of shore drive with even more structures that will be lambasted by storms, increase traffic there and bring other crowding nightmares into an area that has one way in and one way out! Nice! Then, while we do that to our tiny town, let’s continue to ignore the hillside that is eroding in MANY places under crappy roadways due to a nonexistent drainage systems. One can only wonder what’s happening with all the timely paid taxes for such grand views! What long term steps are being taken to shore up other tax payers’ roadways and hillsides? such grand plans at paradise park!!!! I pay too much for this quick fix checker game! Anyone know how to play a strategic chess game for long term results?


  2. What an insulting attempt to ‘end run’ around the normal variance rules- which the rest of the town has to follow. Why is Nolan hell-bent on putting the town $$ into another lawsuit about ‘spot zoning’?? No benefit to the town finances n that.
    As to ‘allow development’ theme that seems to be the basis for allowing this change..big news flash: the site can already be built on,MASSIVELY. It is already worth millions (where is the ratable from that, so far??)…this is just pure greed.

    not only out of character, but will leave many headaches in its trail long after the developers (and anyone else’s) pockets are lined. Isn’t this the same developer who made MAJOR Republican party donations at a county level, so that county Rep leaders, would in turn, make certain promises to the local Republicans who would repay the kindness of that donation?? Just saying;’….follow the money.


  3. Is it just me or is the sun rising to the Northeast in that rendering? Looking from Highlands I’ve never seen the sun rise over Coney Island. Although that’s the least of the problems with that picture.

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