Sea Bright Fireman’s Fair Starts Tonight

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  1. Any one want to see the latest joke in residential construction, take a walk over to Bay street(Highlands), on the hill behind church-you will have to walk and you wont get very far because at least 6- 10 major highway construction vehicles are parked there. And cops are keeping the cars out And watch your step because the already decomposing single lane road is compromised even further by the weight and the magnitude of these vehicles and the 10 foot steel fortress beams they are inserting in whats left of the sacred land where they are being inserted. When we bought our house 4 years ago, one of the reasons we took the house was because of all the beautiful trees, with a lovely retreat house nestled down among them, next door. Then, a new owner named Mr. Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot whacked out all the trees and has been destroy ing the land, my bamboo trees ever since. His current solution is an atrocity-using a commercial product normally used on major highways on this teeny tiny piece of land on the hill-every morning it feels as if there is an earthquake- my house shakes for 10 seconds and then all day long, relentlessly the good ole boys are out there with their toy machines, wreaking havoc on the land, the natural landscape and making inhabiting my house IMPOSSIBLE. And he is not paying one red cent!!! YOU are paying for this- this is all coming from Highlands Boro- so while those of you throughout the neighborhood still continue to struggle from Sandy issues- come take a look at where your tax money is being spent. Truth be known Mr. Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot needs to be in Holiday City in Toms River- flat, flat piece of land- all about his stuff and not about honoring the magnificent beauty of the land and eco system it sustains. Oh and Highlands Boro- please take the kick back money you are getting from this job and give it to Sandy victims. Don’t worry about me- I will see all of you in court.


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