TBT Abandoned House Tour – Where Are They Now II

house tour sd dThe small one above is missing a front porch.

house tour bay e

The one above, has been like that since before Sandy and Irene. At one point last year, someone posted a sign with a picture asking the owner “Be a good neighbor“.

house tour sea drift fThis one was lifted last summer, then all construction stopped. Not sure if there were money issues, permit issues, code issues or all of the above.






  1. I don’t think there should be any time frame before violations are issued. If the place is a mess, they should be fined.

    But if someone has walked away from their house, why would they give a crap if they get a violation? You can write them all the violations you want, but they are not there and they don’t care.

    Until it actually ends up in foreclosure and you can go after the bank. That *might* have results. But the foreclosure process seems to be taking years at this point, so the neighbors to these (and many other) craptastic houses are stuck living next to eyesores and hazards, with little to no recourse from the town.


  2. what is going on with the construction? people are out of there house for over a month and no work has started?


    • I think it’s a myriad of issues and its a case by case basis, there are scheduling issues with NJNG, contractors & permits. If there is one hiccup with any of those 3, the whole process is thrown off, as most contractors are juggling multiple jobs, NJNG instructions and timeframe is cumbersome and getting the permits is delayed because of limited resources in the construction office.


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