Raising your Highlands House 2015

For the last two years I’ve surveyed on where people are with regard to their housing raising. I wanted to run this again to see house raising surveyhow things progressed..

In 2013, 36.5% were waiting on the FEMA standards to be finalized. In 2014, 35% were waiting on approvals of a grant. Any grant even though the FEMA standards were not officially adopted.  In 2013, 36% we NOT going to lift, in 2014 that number dropped to 22.5%.  In 2013, 21% were actively looking for a lifter or had already hired a lifter.  In 2014, 20% had lifted.  In 2014, 10% were in the process of hiring a lifter.

So NOW in 2015, where are you with your lift:


  1. How about a poll or article on the state of contractors working in Highlands. I’ve heard a lot of local conversation about contractor theft of funds, departure without work completion and utter failure to adhere to timelines. More discussion on this would be helpful for everyone.


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