What happened with the Highlands Newsletter?


carolyn fbAnybody remember the Highlands Newsletter?  We received what, 2-3 times? Then Nada. Apparently money was the issue in reproduction. I’m all for fiscal responsibility, especially after Sandy,  however according to Carolyn Broullon potential alternatives were not going to be considered.

What other ways could they do the newsletter on the cheap?

Online –  Pros:  FREE    Cons:  not everyone has online access – IMO, some communication is better than none.

Print & Have Local Business Sponsor the newsletter  Pros:  Local Business Pays for Printing & Mailing  Cons: Not All Costs may be Covered, requires reaching out to local business to get sponsorship

Print & Send out in Quarterly Tax Statements/Sewer Bills – Pros: Cost effective with mailing costs   Cons: Leaves out Renters, not totally free.

What other ideas do you have?



  1. “Need to have equal access?” as a requirement? Sound bogus to me. The town website, with meeting schedules, important messages, announcements, is online. One would assume residents need equal access to the messages, too. The question about equal access requirement should be asked in public meeting for attorney to weigh in on. Tell us you don’t have time to do newsletter or that there is no need, fine, but not official sounding bogus reasons.


  2. I voted NO because quarterly is not timely enough. The information for accessing boro services remains the same no matter what timeframe you use …. but the new information that most residents are concerned about usually is outdated once the quarterly newsletter is delivered. I would prefer bi-monthly newsletters and communication post every Council meeting so residents can be informed with real-time and current information.


    • I agree that bi-monthly is better than quarterly, but quarterly is better than 0. I need them to acknowledge there are ways to accomplish things without breaking the bank.

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    • I agree Admin … the arguments given are bogus and often contradictory. “Rules” are passed concerning the UNOFFICIAL Highlands FB page … yet no attempt is made by the town to use the OFFICIAL town website to fill the void of information that the unofficial FB site provides …. and then we hear these completely idiot responses as to why a newsletter is denied. ???? Why? Is there public information that the powers that be wish to keep hidden?


    • Well it could be argued, keep it super secret or are they just super lazy..? There isn’t a reason that the “newsletter committee” could NOT have access to either a page for a newsletter OR a Facebook page for the town. OR in addition even go outside of the town get a local business to sponsor a “newsletter” and deliver locally. It’s the “no” thing that really bothers me.. Why haven’t we replaced the PD trailer, “because..” why haven’t we replaced townhall “because” — volunteers and locals willing and wanting to making things right with *their* town.. and its being squashed because… because of what? stupidity or laziness – or there something else I am missing?


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