Random Act of Kindness Month in Highlands

heartsFebruary is Random Acts of Kindness Month.. As a tribute I wanted to put some ideas you can do this month to see how many you actually accomplish..

1. Donate food to the OLPH food bank

2. Buy a gallon of gas to person behind you waiting in line.

3. Pay for the toll for someone behind you on the parkway/turnpike

4. Offer to pay for lunch for a busy co-worker

5. Give up your seat to someone standing on the bus/subway/boat

6. Out of the blue send a friend flowers without sending a card

7. Send someone an anonymous valentines day card to someone not expecting it.

8. Honestly listen to someone and don’t interrupt.

9. Give a struggling local store/restaurant your business for a day that you normally don’t frequent.

10. Buy 3 people behind you a cup of coffee as you are leaving.hearts

11. Buy a complete stranger a beer from across the bar.

12. Smile at 10 strangers and say hello.

13. Post a nice review of a local Highlands establishment on the Highlands FB page or Yelp.

14. Shovel your neighbors walkway

15. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in months just to say hi

16. Leave a gift basket of food to an elderly neighbor

17. Leave encouraging notes where people least expect it.