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  1. I hope that the residents that are around naversink shores development don’t flood like the people that live around pier village in Long branch. They raised the ground just like naversink development is doing now.There homes and cars have been flooded more then once. The good part for pier village is they were up and running right away after the storm. The locals around pier village not so much.I went to a few town meetings when they were proposing the naversink project . Raising the grade by 6 ft. We asked what would happen if we had a heavy rainstorm in conjunction with a nor’easter and a high tide. That is the big question.the lawyers for the project admitted they hadn’t been down in the highlands when we get heavy rains. We are concerned about this, since our storm drain on the corner of willow and shore doesn’t overflow unless a sandy type storm happens. We are all rebuilding and renovating our homes some with garages below.we don’t want to join all the other highlanders that are living that scenario right now. All we can do right now is hope they have it all figured out and we remain dry…Don Ryan


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