5 Things From Last Nights Council Meeting

5  1. The Streetscape services contract for Bay Ave was not awarded and tabled. However, they are planning on starting that project this year. The project which is broken out in 3 business zones on Bay Ave includes:

Replacing the sidewalks with stamp colored concrete
Adding Light Posts
Adding Planters

2. Army Corps update: They plan to have their report done by the end of 2015. As part of the report they will be having one on one mandatory sessions with home owners that will be affected by their plan. There will also be public meetings in May/June 2015 and August/Sept 2015. Highlands is under no obligation to comply with their recommendations, but if we don’t work with them in completing their report it could cost the town in the future with no help offered.

3. Monmouth County FEMA Meeting Feb 20th @ Henry Hudson High School between 4 – 8 pm. You can meet with a representative and discuss your specific property. This is part of the process of approving the new FEMA maps.

4.  The HBP budget of $60k was approved by the council. The budget was $10k higher than last year.

5.  The town is looking at potentially reversing the decision to make Valley a one way street. After multiple complaints from residents affected, Councilperson Ryan is surveying additional residents for feedback. To weigh in: councilwoman.ryan@highlandsnj.us

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  1. Also worth sharing is the introduction given at the beginning of the meeting by representatives from ‘A Future With Hope’, and the ‘St. Bernard’s Project’. Both organizations are now actively working here in Highlands to help residents bridge the gap of funding received VS. the construction needs required. They offer assistance for rebuilding through the use of volunteer labor to cut down the costs, as well as possibly finding alternate funding available for this gap.

    They are starting with a block by block focus in Highlands – from Water Witch to Sea Drift (from Bay Ave down to the water). They will be canvassing this area knocking on doors, assessing homes complete and incomplete, to ask homeowners directly what they need. At this time their services are also available for ‘owner occupied’ homes that also contain rentals, and labor can be available for those rentals in that owner occupied home.

    A Future With Hope has offices open daily (with posted hours) at 181 Bay Ave. (the old Methodist Church). Stop in if you want to get on their list and hear what is involved.

    Councilwoman Ryan offered to place their literature in the Construction Office, the Boro Trailer and on the town website.

    They said that the best way to contact them would be through the A Future With Hope website :


    On that site you can email them with your contact info or you can call them 732-359-1012.
    This site also allows you to help volunteer your labor, etc. if you want to be a volunteer.

    So don’t be alarmed if they knock on your door … this is a good thing to bridge the gap of promises made by RREM and insurance companies vs. the work you may actually need done.

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