Learning From Other Towns

all in this together I would like to share the goals and objectives that Sea Bright’s Mayor has mapped out for her town. Believe it or not – it is not that far off from what could be said for Highlands. After all we shared the same resources in developing our FEMA Long Term Recovery Plan and our SRPR report for our upcoming Master Plan. The only difference is that we have no defined action plan publicly placed before us as a community.

What we do have are agenda minutes, studies and options buried in folders on the desks of various town officials and department heads – with no cohesive attempt to put it all together into one concise focus. We have developers and financial interests that recognize the potential of Highlands. We even have concerned residents attending meetings and requesting many of the same objectives you read in Mayor Long’s list. For example: Town Hall & PD buildings; CRS program; pump stations; written reports from committees; website interaction; business development on Bay Ave; streetscape projects; and attention to abandoned properties, etc.

What’s missing? Leadership? Focus? Competence? Communication? Public Forums?

I urge residents to keep attending our town meetings to help make this happen. Especially when it comes to public participation in the Master Plan. Get informed. Read the many reports and studies those outside agencies have publicly provided pro bono to the town Highlands. Speak out and demand feedback. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

I urge the Highlands Council and our Borough Administrator to listen to the residents, to step up our game, and to take a good look outside of Highlands to see how things can get done.

Councilman Doug Card (Highlands)


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