Highlands Website Committee Report

Evolution of the Highlandsnj.us site:evolution of Highlands web site

At the last council meeting the website committee gave its findings and recommendations on a new website. To see the full report click here

The reports critiques Highlands against Atlantic Highlands, Sea Bright, Chattanoogas, and Manchester UK town sites.

According to the website committee

“Our next steps are to work together (with Tim Hill) to put together an RFP that combines all the results outlined in the report and then present that to the council and mayor. We’re looking to have that ready, barring any major bumps in the road, by mid-January.”

I think the following sums up our current web site:

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  1. How sick is this town that they put together a 76 page document for building a web site? ARE WE KIDDING!! How many man hours were put into this?? How long does it take to read?Couldn’t it have been built by now?
    Just use a recipe and get it done!!!! Spend time and energy on more important things! (Like there isn’t enough IMPORTANT things that need to get done in this town).
    What a WASTE!

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    • BAB – this was not put together by “the town”, this was put together by residents to force the hand of the council in putting together a RFP for a new web site. Any logical requests for a new website have been met with “its a process”, “I haven’t heard any complaints about it”, and other like stupid comments with quizzical looks on their faces, totally confused that anyone would really think our current Highlandsnj.gov web site would suck.

      I know the town web site sucks, you know the town web site sucks, most of Highlands knows the town web site sucks. This is the latest hoop they are making us go through before they actually take action on it.


    • Totally understand, but still think it’s a waste of time, resources and energy. A 76 page report??! Comparing ourselves to sites in the UK and Tenn? It’s like someone wanted a “school project’ to put together.
      AND this whole exercise was to “force the hand of the council in putting together a RFP for a new web site.” All this wasted energy was just to influence the council to put out an RFP for someone to revise our website?!! Sometime in the future?
      Again WHAT A WASTE!!! Doesn’t the council realize they work for US??
      This town proves itself to be such a disappointment more and more each day.
      Tell me, who benefits from all this spinning of the wheels? Someone must be getting something out of all this nonsense. It certainly isn’t us common, tax paying, sewer paying citizens.


    • If you think it’s such a waste for people to VOLUNTEER their time, then please come to the council meetings and tell them how to do it better.


    • What I think she’s trying to say is volunteer’s should not of *had* to put together such an extensive report. The current web site is ineffective, fix it. However, with the current administration and council, volunteers have to go above an beyond just to fix common sense things. Is it right, no, is it just the way it is? unfortunately, yes.

      But I look at it this way, baby steps. I received 2 phone calls about the flooding over the last two days. I haven’t received a reverse 911 call about anything since before Sandy.


    • Sadly, it takes a private citizen doing this much work to force the town to finally realize ourwebsite is dated, useless and needs an overhaul.


  2. Have to agree with you there Babs. “Someone must be getting something…”. Which is exactly why they are putting up as many roadblocks and controlling public input just to keep those ‘benefits’ in the same hands.

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  3. I appreciate the private persons’ efforts. I just think its so sad and hopeless that it comes to this.
    Think of the more productive things all that energy could’ve been directed toward.


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