How Do You Know If You’re Being A Sanctimonious GIT in Highlands

letmegooglethatforyouWith all the ways to communicate online these days: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine (just to name a few) there are many mediums to try to act superior over other people.

Especially since you don’t have to look them in their eye when you were doing it.

How do you know if you were sanctimonious?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have I questioned a Facebook Group’s decorum? Or called people Rude? – You might have been sanctimonious  – because calling people rude is actually rude. (Oh the irony.)

2. Have I tried to end a Facebook conversation with “I’m going to bed now, ba-bye” and then liked your friends comments for the next 2 hours? – You might have been sanctimonious

3. Have I ever invented drinking games based on other people’s troll posts? – You might have been sanctimonious

4. Have I ever called someone a “Nimrod”? You might have been sanctimonious

5. Have I ever typed the words “If I’m the only sane one in this conversion” in a comment? You might have been sanctimonious

6. Have I ever stated “I’m disgusted” because someone had a differing opinion or changed the conversation in a direction that wasn’t what you wanted? – You might have been sanctimonious

Why are people sanctimonious?

Maybe because there are a lot of people who are passive aggressive. They wouldn’t dare say the same thing to someone’s face for fear of getting the crap beat out of themselves. Let’s face it, Nellie Olson’s mom would have had her ass handed to her on the Highlands Facebook Group.

If you think about it, it’s kind of like road rage, it’s a lot easier to be pissed off behind the safety of your own car than to step out side, look someone in the eye, and say you have a problem. Which isn’t smart, but with the internet, we feel *that much* safer if we post things.

Maybe this instant gratification thing, needs to be taken to a different level. We have the “like” button, so maybe we need the “don’t like” button, the “you’re  an idiot” button,  the “Your mama” button, or the “I’m gonna jump through the screen with my hands around your stupid neck” button.

And instead of misreading/misinterpreting or misunderstanding people’s intents, we just look at a number next to an “icon.” That evens out the playing field for people who can’t read and takes the sting out of the written word. Because how do you argue with a 42 next to a “you’re an idiot button” ?