Is A New Maintenance Facility On Sandy Hook For The Birds?

The National Park Service’s Sandy Hook Unit is proposing to build a large maintenance facility in the midst of a heavily wooded section of Gateway National Recreation Area on Sandy Hook, which happens to be the highest point of the peninsula. The rationale behind the project is would allow the movement of vehicles and equipment to higher ground in a safe facility and reduce the risk of them being damaged in future floods and storms.

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook -NJ

There is opposition to the project, which feels by eliminating critical forest you’ll kill the birds.

“The six-mile-long Sandy Hook peninsula is a critical stop along the Atlantic Flyway for millions of migrating birds. In addition to tidal wetlands and dune habitats, it contains significant maritime forest, characterized by fruiting trees and bushes like American holly, hackberry, black gum, bayberry, sassafras, beach plum, red cedar, service berry, poison ivy and Virginia creeper. ”  and ““If you take away more maritime forest, birds will die – it’s as simple as that. There’s no substitute for this forest; there’s no other place for them to go.”

So the question at hand is, do you destroy existing forest to build a building because it’s the highest point on Sandy Hook, or do you plant more trees and plants for mitigation purposes and build the maintenance facility somewhere else, lower and change the building to meet the needs of that area?



  1. Fire trucks or ambulances or just regular trucks?. Moving them off the hook in a storm. Henry Hudson or Kevookjian field on 36, per agreement with Highlands, would save some money and keep the fragile environment in place, safer for the vehicles too..


    • Right. The “highest point on Sandy Hook” is still ON Sandy Hook. Pull that stuff off if there’s a storm incoming, and put it somewhere on the hill.

      Maybe the town could even get some money from them for this contingency plan…


  2. Please don’t build out there, restore the beautiful brick buildings at the end by the Coast Guard Base and use that AGAIN. The parks built the Sea Gulls Nest and now it just sits there empty, rotting and blocking the view, across from what “they” call the Preserve (Spermaceti Cove) ….. STOP developing one of the very few natural areas left, our stretch of the Jersey Shore along with the Hook under the “Parks” stewardship is becoming more like Staten Island (the lost continent) everyday. Save the money if we’re going to have a storm park the equipment up at Twin Lights or Hartshorne’s Point of Rocks (or something), keep your fuel tanks on skids and move em out if we’re going to flood, lotta options besides a bunch of government employees deciding we need to spend money and build on one of the last unspoiled spots out there. Spend the money on Officers Row, save the History!!! The logic of continuing to develop a sand bar is ludicrous, move your equipment and personnel out of the area till danger or a storm passes, than with your employees and intact equipment move back in to the effected area and restore it “mobilility is your ace in the hole when something wicked this way blows”….. It’s how it’s done! Why place more assets in dangers path? …KT


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