Highlands rountable Nov 1 BTYB: Councilman Card

bayavebakeryAs an effort to communicate. councilman  Doug Card will be hosting bi-weekly round table conversation open to all. his first round table discussion will be Saturday, November 1 at Bay Avenue Bakery, 9 AM. He hopes to see you there. The goal of the roundtable is so that there is greater communication without boundaries to discuss all the issues confronting Highlands post Sandy. For the first round table there will be no set topic or agenda. There may be one other council there to answer questions.


  1. Wow! What a refreshing idea. Considering the input of the community. My thanks and respect to Councilman Card. Thank you for actually listening to your constituents. That is what makes a good leader. Thank you for caring.


  2. Councilwoman Tara Ryan will also be attending the round table conversation this Saturday at the Bay Ave Bakery. We look forward to seeing you there. (9am)


  3. What great PR! Such fast footing! But it would have been “GREAT LEADERSHIP” had you brought all the “team” together, to show there can be the unity and to demonstrate your skill as leaders….instead here is the typical political full court press, The people of Highlands need to have confidence that the town will come alive again. Surely you see you are not kids in the playground! The results Highlands needs can only be achieved by courageous, honest team leadership. It won’t be achieved, if it is ego thing or Those motives will just add to the confusion. Don’t go grabbing for the ball….share it and make a real team effort. These are real people,,.,not pawns on a chessboard. Be leaders. Save your town!


    • You cannot have more than two council members at a meeting, otherwise there is a quorum and it is subject to NJ Sunshine laws.

      If you want to see the full council’s “teamwork” in action, come to a council meeting.


  4. Jean – I agree with you about the lack of “team” currently operating with our Council.

    Just look at the Mayor and Council page on our town website where it appears that there is no intention by past members to work as a team with the newly elected member. That web page pretty much exposes the real political full court press going down.

    You find … 4 emails with official titles going to nj,us addresses – and then 1 with name only (and no official title) going to separate borough.org address. Under Committees the Mayor is ad hoc member of all …. 3 appointments going to Councilwoman Kane – with one of them shared by Councilwoman Ryan (who has a total of 2) … Councilman Redmond has 2 …. with none noted for the newly elected council member …. just a bunch of ???? marks.

    This roundtable conversation is a lot more than PR … it attempts to fill a major disconnect and lack of communication between Council and constituents. The Sunshine Law limits it down to 2 at one time … but as a resident I see it as a start. I appreciate being given an opportunity to openly talk with an elected official on any topic for more than 3 minutes (as mandated at meetings). Especially since I don’t know all the Council members on a social basis … this will allow me to get to know them better and hopefully get some down to earth answers.


  5. I didn’t go but Councilman Card and Councilwoman Ryan both felt it was great. Plans are for continuing this every 2 weeks at different locations with different council members sitting in. Same open roundtable conversation with anyone who wants to attend. Mailings might be a bit difficult but emails work. Send yours to dcard@highlandsborough.org and he will keep you informed, and he will post on fb and this blog as well.


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