5 Things You Need to Know About 10/22 Council Meeting

5  1. R-14-220  In case you haven’t seen the app.com from last night, the council by a vote of 3-2, (Becky, Nolan, Redmond Y, Card/Ryan N)  approved a proposal at Wednesday night’s meeting to require everyone from employees to volunteers to include a disclaimer when they comment on an unofficial Highlands Facebook group page or any other social media outlet. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. It was a futile attempt at intimidation. There is no recourse outlined.  So they passed a resolution to make certain council members feel better with the intent of intimidating residents and is not worth the paper its typed out on. (Shows were the council focus is though)

2. Fees for Peddler licenses were increased from $25 to $50 for vendors with a vehicle.

3. They increased the number of peddlers/vendors from 6 – 10.

4. O-14-24 The Council passed an Ordinance to adopt a State ordinance that allows the town to go after residential and commercial properties vacant and in foreclosure. It was noted that having the power to something and actually doing something are two separate things.

5. A portion of Valley Street up by Rt 36 is now one way from Highlands Blvd to Rt 36.