Union Beach Puts Law on Books to Tackle Abandoned Home Problem

Bay Ave 2According today’s App.com Union Beach Borough Council recently put a law on the books that requires owners of vacant homes (mostly bank owned and negligent landlords) to register those properties by escalating annual fees that begin at $500 and top out, after three consecutive years, at $5,000.

The new ordinance puts strict requirements on owners to maintain the appearance of the property — mowing lawns and picking up trash — and also perform repair or remediation on the interior of the home as well.

Violators are subject to fines up to $1,000 per instance and those penalties can be assessed as liens on the property.

Jennifer Wenson Maier (UB Borough Administrator ) is well aware that many Union Beach families were forced out of their homes after Superstorm Sandy and still are trying to figure out the finances to return. Even though it doesn’t specify what kind of owner these rules can be enforced upon, the borough will not apply it to those people, she said.

Union Beach is not looking to go after homeowners who are looking to go back into their homes, they are specifically targeting bank-owned properties and to negligent landlords.

Some of the dangers reported are: raccoons, skunks, rodents, rats, kids going into them, lower property values for neighboring homes, and because of the high grass, people using them as a dumping ground, and mold in the homes in many cases.


  1. Sigh…………………we can only dream……….of course there will be a hundred reasons why our council can decide this can’t be….


    • Agreed. We seem to be behind the curve on everything. Maybe they’ll actually copy the UB ordinance and get it on the books ASAP.


    • Forgot to add…I think we already have something similar, where the banks will have to register the local contact info with the town. But if we could tack on some extra charges, that would be great.

      And from the article: The borough sent out a phone message to the community a week ago asking residents to notify municipal officials of any unkempt, vacant properties in their neighborhood.

      Wouldn’t that be great if Highlands could do that? They could find out what the residents think the problem properties are and then focus on those first.


  2. I was reading the minutes of a Belmar Council meeting today – and they actually put a lien on a property for $453 because of ‘garbage and property maintenance’. So other towns are getting serious about enforcing their codes.


  3. I was in Belmar right after storm and it was in horrible condition! I attended a party there this past weekend and you would never of known Sandy happened. They have done a great job at making sure the town looks inviting. It was quite amazing to see the difference.


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