How to Not to be An Internet Asshole

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the Highlands NJ Facebook Group,  the Atlantic Highlands Herald chatrooms, or even here on this Blog’s comment section has, at some point interacted with an “Internet Asshole”.  You know you have if you have ever had any of the following happen:

  1. Had your political views compared to that of Hitler’s
  2. Have been told to GFY
  3. Have been told you must eat your own if you disagree with them
  4. Been threatened legally or otherwise
  5. Had sarcastic pictures posted to make fun of you
  6. Had your name misspelled or changed in a thread for no other reason than to irritate

The Internet does have a way of bringing out the worst in people. You may think that the Internet simply allows people to say what they were already thinking anyway.  That’s not necessarily true. It’s not that people were not already thinking these things, it’s just they never had the courage to say them in person.

I wanted to outline some helpful hints on “how to avoid being an Internet Asshole:”

  1. Know what Internet Assholes are, and what their activities are. After all, without knowing what an Internet Asshole’s behavior is, you may be confused with Internet Asshole just because you are engaging in conversations with them. Be informed.internet asshole 1
  2. Rationally consider the other person’s feelings. Remember, people on the people on the other side of the computer screen have feelings too. (Even the Internet Assholes.)
  3. Step Away From The Temptations. (No I don’t mean from listening to My girl, Ain’t too proud to beg or other songs) I mean, Internet Trolls and Assholes are there to pick a fight.  As tempting as it may be to engage and invoke some type of logic, it’s not going to work.  (See my older post (How to win an Internet Argument). It cartoondoesn’t matter that “they started it”, it just matters that you behaved badly too by responding to their bad behavior.
  4. Be civil. This is fairly simple; it is just common etiquette. If you kill them with kindness and logic, that drives Internet Assholes Crazy. It’s really the best revenge.
  5. Take a break from the site if arguments start to escalate.  Go eat a ham sandwich. Doing this will help stop the argument, and in many cases, the conflict will just fade away as the Internet Asshole has nobody to argue with.

With that I just want to remind everyone, we’re coming up on the 2nd anniversary of Sandy. Anniversaries are Trigger Events.  There is much Sandy-itis going on. It’s going on year 3 and our PD & Borough Hall are still in trailers, we’ve not started flood mitigation yet, some people are still not in their care continuumhouses and some people’s RREM grants are being taken back. To feel on edge, angry, anxious, depressed is normal.

Look at the FEMA care continuum from 2013 ——>

It will get better.

One last reminder to those going through this… Alcohol will not make things better…

But then again, neither will milk..


  1. You forgot to include the ones that ban people from their blogs just because they don’t like their comments.


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