1. Do you know where? I love that Top Tomato and now Bubney’s will be local. They are such a better alternative to the Foodtowns and A&P in the area for fresh foods


  2. To my knowledge we have not received a mercantile yet, I wonder if this is even true, I so hope so..however this might be like the drunken DPW comment, just false reporting.


    • Bad morning?

      I’m sure you’re right, some random guy developed a logo with Highlands, NJ on it – for naught.

      Regarding the drunken DPW comment – well, you’re partly right DPW *was* used in my sentence, so partial point there.

      However, the context was in reference to how a no parking sign ended up on Portland road if no ordinance exists for no parking and how could that possibly happen? My exact quote was “Maybe it was aliens? Drunken DPW in the middle of the night? Ghosts? Mischieviants? How do you think the ‘No Parking’ signs exist on Portland road?” – All of which seemed pretty unlikely, at least to me.

      Maybe not to you?


    • Man, some people are just bitter and angry and look to be negative. And by some people, I mean the same couple every time. Also – def aliens!!!!


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