What’s Going on With The Zoning Board Tonight

proposed lux apts bay ave
Bay Ave/Waterwitch


7:30 P.M.
Meeting Location:
Highlands Elementary School, 360 Navesink Ave
Hearings on New Business:
ZB#2014 13 Shanagan, Francis Block 69 Lot 15.20 15 Cedar St #20
ZB#2014-15 Grover, Chris, Block 88 Lot 5–321 Bay Ave
ZB#2014- 16 Seylaz, Geraldine Block 79 Lot 13– 27 Washington Ave
ZB#2014-17 Fitzpatrick,Andrew Block 100 Lot 26.30 – 30 Gravelly Pt
Rumor has it, there are people going tonight that are against this development happening, if you want a positive outcome that will make the corner look nicer, increase ratables and support business, please come to zoning board meeting tonight.
There will be free beer and cookies. — (Ok, that part’s not true) But your support is needed.
The Zoning ALL voted Yes for the new plans for the building on Bay/Waterwitch aka Old Pharmacy – There were a few caveats that were positive in resolving:
a) Garbage – which other businesses in the area offered up sharing dumpsters to help him facilitate that part.
b) Parking – which the retail part is already taken care of with the municipal lot being within 1000 feet from the building, on the residential side, there were several ways he *could* accommodate this that were being explored and as long as he could accommodate the parking, no issues.
c) The sizes of the apartments, there was a min of 1000 SQ ft needed per apartment, however it is currently grandfathered in a nonconforming use with the size of the existing apartments as one is 750 sq ft, the new apartments would be over Krankys bike shop where there is nothing currently. It could be looked into to make 2 of the apartments conforming. His architect was confident that he could work on some changes that could accommodate, if the zoning recognized there was one existing that was non-conforming.
All in all – a very positive meeting. All public comments (which there were many) were FOR the new building.


  1. I really wish I could come to the meeting but I won’t get home until 10pm from work. I am completely against the building on Cedar St. The colony is over crowded as is. In the summertime, there are at least a hundred people in an area meant for twenty. I know that even if I was able to come to the meeting, I would be shot down. For reasons unknown, the “honeysuckle colony” appears to have a different set of rules than the rest of the citizens of the Highlands. They are able to have overcrowding, disturb the public until all hours. They have DJs every weekend. Shouldn’t they have a cabaret license? They make more noise than all the other bars put together. They finally left after Labor Day and I cannot tolerate not one more drop of noise coming from there. Thanks for listening. As for the luxury apts. on Bay, where would these folks park? Also really who has money for luxury apts. and who would buy expensive apts here anyhow? There are 2 bedroom condos completely redone going for less than 200k. If a developer wants to loose their shirts on this deal-let them.


    • The honeysuckle property was already pre-existing, but it was demoed and a frame was put up within the exact same footprint. I think the issue is more with a new construction vs. a rehab. It will be interesting to see how “summer colonies” vs. all year residential pans out. There’s a boro ordinance that’s been on the table for 6 MONTHS now … so maybe once that gets through the powers that be you may get some relief with the noise issue?


    • That’s a really good question.. I would love to be able to tell you what.. but I can’t, not that I don’t want to, but because I really don’t know. If you could please reach out to the council directly and see if they tell you… I would greatly appreciate it and then we would both know.


    • Thanks for getting my points. I would love to hear how it goes tonight. I’m just really fed up with the situation and I needed to vent. I feel the colony has a complete disregard for year round neighbors.


    • Dee, you should try to come to a council meeting and voice your concerns. The time is now to get a noise ordinance on the books that will be enforced.

      If you can’t come, please email the council members with your concerns.


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