JCP&L Problems After Lifting

As more and more houses get lifted, more and more unforeseen problems are popping up..utility poles

  • Increased Flood Bills AFTER Lifting
  • Home owners required to replace Utility poles AFTER lifting

In Augusts’ 2014 article, they outline an Ortley resident who was required to pay more than $20,000 for a new utility pole because his house was raised five feet to comply with new flood standards and now than sat dangerously close, about three feet, from its high-voltage line.

The resident’s point was “they [JCP&L] need to absorb the cost and they need to make a new policy that doesn’t penalize one (specific) residential customers because…other residential customers use that (same) pole.”  Also JCP&L never warned him or his contractor of the problem when they filed their plans or when they began construction or removed the wires’ connection to the roof. “At no time, did they tell us, ‘Hey, you’re going to be too close to the wires.’ We could have redesigned the house differently,”

At least one Highlands resident is reporting having something similar happen. With all the lifting going on, it may be more prevalent than first thought.