Are Fashion Trucks in Highlands A Good Idea

According to this weeks Business Insider, Fashion Trucks are popping all over America.   In Highlands a few days a week, you’ve probably noticed Penelope’s Traveling Boutique either by Huddy Park or by Vets Park.  American Mobile Retail Association (AMRA)  told BI that there are about 500 fashion trucks spread across all 50 states. They began popping up four years ago, but the trend has exploded in the past year as new entrepreneurs learn from the successes and failures of the movement’s pioneers.

Part of the business idea’s appeal is the low-cost of entry, and not having to go through the traditional mercantile processes that a traditional store front would. So the risk is lower.


  1. Highlands should embrace them and start to get a reputation as a cutting edge place to try new things…many many benefits can come from a ‘yes’ first mentality.

    As an analogy, a few years ago, a corral of trendy food trucks was suggested to Atlantic Highlands Chamber of Commerce, for off season in the harbor-including one from a local restaurant that wanted to offer cold press local-roasted coffee to commuters! Instead, a few voices fought against them- fears of e’competition’ to the few long term, boring restaurants already there. Ugh. AH missed a good chance to show off the town to a whole new set of foodies, meanwhile, any other town where food trucks exist, is usually a cutting edge group surrounding them. *NYC, Brooklyn, SF, Miami. Think forward!

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    • I think that storefronts resent the trucks because of their overhead for rent etc. can undermine fair competition. I am personally 100% for the trucks. Highlands needs all it can get. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to purchase designer duds 3 blocks away from my home. There is nothing else like Penelope’s in the town so she is not “taking business” from anyone.

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  2. I see the concern that she isn’t occupying a vacant store front, but have you SEEN the vacancies??? I wouldn’t want to move in there, either.

    Is there anyone actively recruiting businesses to move to Highlands, or do we just have to hope that their broker brings them to Highlands? Or are tenants just supposed to magically appear?

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