How to Increase Revenue & Save Money in Highlands

Attached is a pdf from 2010 that address some ideas on how to cut spending increase revenues.

Some of the ideas at a high level include:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Recycling
  • Selling off some Boro vehicles
  • Admin/Shared Services
  • Hydro Alternative Energy
  • Streamline Mercantile process

To review Down Load the .pdf –>FY2010 Budget committee recommendations  (You will need adobe acrobat to view)

What other ideas can be included to either cut spending or create revenue?



  1. Code enforcement without question would be quick and easy money. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening in Highlands based what I have seen personally and what I have read on the blog and Facebook page.


    • Don’t give up hope yet.. just because we (as a town) haven’t implemented any of these ideas since 2010 doesn’t mean we won’t in the future. (Hopefully sooner than later..)


  2. I’d like to hear what the HBP has planned to attract new businesses and developers to our town. What was their plan before the storm, why didn’t it work, has that plan changed since Sandy, and if so, what’s different?

    I’d also like to hear from the businesses as to what Highlands might be doing wrong and what can be changed to make this town more attractive to all forms of business (professionals, retail, service, etc). More occupied storefronts will increase the tax base.


    • noLongerNew … there is an HBP meeting this Wednesday September 24th. Not sure when public can ask questions (6:30?) — but they might be able to give you some of those answers.


  3. Hydro energy isn’t possible for Highlands. We’d have to have either a big height difference (like a waterfall or dam), or big wave action. Tidal current isn’t enough. You can’t get hydro energy from water that’s just sitting in a bay.


    • The problem with alternative energy schemes is almost none of them can compete with “grid” power at 12 cents/kW-hour. There would have to be a massive source of almost free energy for a company to be willing to install a system and maintain it. Most of the pilot installations you read about are government subsidized.


    • Bert you sound like you work for JCP&L. lol – What types of businesses are sustainable in Highlands? How do we attract businesses to come to here? I don’t want to hear flooding, If Sally Tee’s can get a developer to rebuild where they were we should be able to attract people.


    • Bert is dead wrong spouting half lies from the nineties…

      Solar/ wind are cheaper for consumers today. There are many forms of hydro available and we have like the strongest current on the east coast. I’m pretty sure there was a successful test going on at bahrs.

      As far as the 2010 report, it seems absurd what passes for revenue and/or cost savings. The main difference between us and AH isthe marina that brings in one mmillion in net profit a year. We need that kind of real revenue generator.


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