5 Things From 9/18 Council Meeting

5 1)R-14-199 Resolution Approving Strategic Planning Report – Steve Nelson spoke briefly and answered some questions from the residents.  The plan was approved by the council and now goes to the state for approval.  The state generally approves these quickly and Steve Nelson said he expects approval within a week.  The town can then start applying for grants.  The aggregate maximum of the grants is $300k and there are line item limits.  For example, there is a maximum grant amount for rewriting ordinances, a maximum grant amount (I think $50k) for rewriting the Master Plan, etc.

To view presentation from town hall CLICK HERE
To view NJ Future’s Report CLICK HERE


2) Captain’s Cove – The Zoning change request from RA Multimedia aka Captain’s Cove was requested to be postponed.  Councilman Card asked to move forward on the town’s clean up of Captain’s Cove parking lot and placing a lien on the property.  The council agreed to move forward on this.

3) O-14-26 – Bonding for the Community Center Playground and Shore Drive Phase II project: This did not move forward and no public hearing date was set.  There was some concern on the other costs of the projects in their entirety.  So such as, the playground there is a $90k snowflake grant that needs to be used for the playground only, the entire project could be in the hundred’s of thousands of dollars, can we afford the differential in costs to get a playground?

Tim Hill is looking into our minimum requirements to use these funds or if we may have to give up the funds if we can’t come up with the additional monies to complete the projects.

4) R-14-202 – Increased the 2 minute rule to 3 minutes.

5) Finance Committee – Mayor Nolan appointed 2 additional people, the two residents he appointed where: Chris Francy and Kim Skorka


To see the meeting in its entirety click here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/highlands-meetings


  1. Tim Hill was looking into smaller phases of the playground project that would meet the $90k Snowflake grant money. Some council members were opposed to having 2 separate projects being COMBINED into one ordinance for a total bonding of $920,000. They also felt that there were more critical projects that needed to be addressed first in Highlands for controlling the flooding. (I agree – bad enough we have to tap into our bond limit – but if you’re gonna bond do it for a critical need.)

    The Shore Drive project is a $200k DOT grant for improvements, paving, curbs & sidewalks, etc. Highlands needed an additional $300k to properly do the job. Council recognized the timing wasn’t that great given the amount of heavy equipment that would be going down Shore Dr. for construction of the Bollerman project. They even approached the DOT to see if they could use that grant on another road. The answer was NO. The DOT only allows a 6 month extension for receiving the $200k so they decided to resubmit that project in March to meet the DOT’s deadline.


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