1. I don’t know where else to post this – so here goes …… A NJ DEP letter was just posted on our town site for funding that involves water treatment, sewer, and infrastructure. It is a very hard read … and honestly I’m having trouble grasping how it applies to what we need in Highlands. The letter mentions special funding, forgivable loans, etc … only catch I see is that it also mentions architect/engineer plans already in place and ready to implement that were required to go out to bid to at least 3 firms. Highlands just turns everything over to T&M and no one else so is that an automatic rejection?.

    I know there are qualified professionals who read this blog that are familiar with this state agency jargon. Is there anyone out there that can break this down and translate the bullets down to simple English for me. The deadline is October 10th for Highlands to react.

    Here’s the link under Public Notices (on our Highlandsnj.town site). http://www.highlandsnj.us/docs/Pub-Notices/2014/2014-09-10%20Public%20Notice%20for%20FFY15%20Proposed%20Clean%20Water%20Priority%20System,%20Intended%20Use%20Plan%20and%20Project%20Priority%20List.pdf



  2. I don’t have a clue but I’m with you that we should know more about what is going on in an easy language
    so homeowners understand what is going on.


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