4 thoughts on “Sasha’s Closing

  1. Carolyn

    Oh no! Where will I get my Highlands gear? We will head over during lunch and get some goodies. All the best to you Sasha!


  2. Beatrice anna Rose

    In the realm of understanding, that God, the Universe…whatever your definition may be..Closes a door,,,I think many of us,,are still waiting to feel a window open…
    Loved going in and buying last minute “personal” gifts on Christmas eve,,wine and cookies to help aid…Sooo many days of really personal last minute gifts..as well as the pondered for week, gifts–Sasha..There is no one like you.
    Thank You for all you have done, and bless you, for the little you realize you have done..
    You will be quite missed
    Beatrice Anna Rose


  3. Dee

    I am very sad you are closing. I went and spent a ton of money in your store to have for Xmas gifts. You have a guy cleaning the parking lot at your marina with a leaf blower non stop on a Sunday and at least three days last week. Your brother said you wanted to be a good neighbor. Please make the noise stop. Your neighbor


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