5 Things You Should Know About Sept 3rd’s Highlands Council Meeting

5I. DCA & Unsafe Housing Funds

Sept 22 DCA will be out and about in lower Highlands looking at houses that meet the criteria for unsafe housing funds. The unsafe housing fund is a program run by the state to demolish unsafe Sandy-damaged structures in order to alleviate blight and address threats to public health and welfare.

Some items that can make a house that may be on the list not eligible are:

  • Open Permits on the Structure or current construction.
  • Property Owner that is unwilling to allow for the demolition
  • Oil tanks on the property
  • Lien holders that are unresponsive in signing off on the demolition

So if you see people in orange vests around Highlands Sept 22, that’s what that is about.

II.  Electronic Tax Sale (R-14-197)

Highlands is going forward with the electronic tax sale option. So instead of the tax sale taking place in Ptak or the Borough Trailer, it will happen online. The thought process is the online environment provides a greater pool of potential lien buyers, thus creating the environment for a more competitive tax sale process.

III. Bonding Capacity Amounts

In the last Council meeting, the CFO stated we were $2 1/2 million away from our cap. In this meeting he stated he was incorrect and we’re more like $5.3 million away from our cap.

IV. Two Minute Rule was discussed in executive session (Again)

It was the attorney’s recommendation to increase the two minute rule to 3 minutes and the Council will vote on that in the next meeting.

V. Peddler Licenses

They are increasing the number of licenses for peddlers from 6 to 10. (There are apparently 30 people on a waiting list for this.) Also they are increasing the yearly fee from twenty-five dollars ($25) to fifty dollars ($50).

There were a lot more stuff discussed to see the ustream click here




  1. like wow! the council and our illustrious town attorney are going to allow the peasants a whole three minutes to speak? gezzzz I’m starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside! make me barf!! lets just get down on our knees and kiss their butts for such generosity!!!


  2. $5.3 million isn’t a lot of bonding capacity when you look at everything that needs to be done in Highlands: borough hall, community center, flood mitigation (pump stations, check valves, new pipes), and sewer repairs. That doesn’t even touch on the road work that the borough wants to do. Is Shore Drive *really* that bad that it needs to be repaved?

    Yes, we might lose out on matching funds, but we need to ask ourselves if projects can wait. Especially since the part of Shore Drive they want to repave is the the only roadway to the condo marina project. Anything we pave now is just going to get beaten up with the equipment and supplies moving in & out.


    • Yes it is that bad! But not as bad as some of the finger roads.paving shore drive right now while ” bollerville ” is being constructed isn’t the best time,but if it means losing the project without having side roads paved then do it. We’ll take it!


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