IRS Scam Hits Highlands

At Wednesday’s Council Meeting, on of the items on Public Safety report was an IRS Scam..  Union Beach posted it on their Facebook and I wanted to share because apparently, several local Highlanders were affected by it.


3 thoughts on “IRS Scam Hits Highlands

  1. sally Webner

    why has no one complained about theHoneysuckle Lodge? They are raucous until 2 to 3 in the morning
    with NO concern for anyone else in the neighborhood .. I guess as long as you are making money
    under the pretense of having a good time that is all that matters.


    1. Dee

      I have called the police many times. In order to have peace, I am forced to stay inside on beautiful evenings.But I still hear them EVEN if the air conditioning on. I also get up very early for work on Sundays and they are allowed (as you said) to have a DJ until all hours. When I called the police station to complain, the dispatcher said she would send an Officer to “ask” them to turn it down. Who are they that they have so much power? One more question, why are they allowed to have a private beach? I moved out of NYC partially because of the noise. Maybe if they are making so much money they can pay for my electricity. It is only because of them that I need to run the AC.
      Thank You Sally. Just knowing someone else feels the way I do makes me feel a little better.


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