The Evolution of Miller Beach in 2014

miller beach evolution

Shrewsbury Avenue has historically had issues with patrons of local bars leaving the establishments. Back on Aug 13, 2012 it was addressed in a town hall meeting

Chief Blewett disclosed that since July 20, 2012 there have been 38 calls from the Shrewsbury Avenue area, of which 19 can be directly attributed to Wind & Sea. He also stated that Wind & Sea owners have hired an additional officer to assist with incidents between the hours of 10 PM – 2 AM. He further summarized that with occupancy limit of 300 inside and an additional 100 outside at the Tiki bar, all of which leave approximately the same time, one additional officer is some what outnumbered.

For what ever reason, it seems as though this year things have gotten worse. Resident concerns included:

  • Wind n Sea being over capacity and safety issues
  • Unruly Patrons leaving the bar
  • Public urination and vomiting on residents properties
  • Loitering at Miller Beach after Wind n Sea closed

Some of the business responses included:

  • You live in a shore town, expect loud people in the summer
  • If they are making money, let them make money
  • Picking up broken bottles isn’t a big deal
  • Don’t complain if you chose to live near a bar

We’ve also seen many different attempts of addressing the residents concerns by trying to discourage the loitering aspect at Miller Beach.

Attempt 1) The big blinky sign “Beach Closes at Dusk”

Attempt 2) Beat cop

Attempt 3) Closing the beach parking and ticketing cars left there past dusk

Attempt 4) White luminescent cones and ticketing cars


    • No chain. I was never a fan of the chain as people coming out of the bars would cause unsafe situations to escape the lot such as driving on sidewalk, beach, construction site. This is much more civilized as people accept their ticket, move cones to get out, then move them back to prevent others from going onto lot.


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