Highlands Business Partnership Report

At the first council meeting each month, time is allotted for committee reports. In the interest of streamlining the meetings some reports are written and submitted and are part of the agenda pack.  For the August 20th meeting Carla Cefalo-Braswell, president of the HBP, submitted her written report (see below).

What surprised me and others is that there is no update on any new businesses in town.  You wouldn’t know it from the report, but there is quite a bit happening in town.  I know I’m pretty excited to see new businesses open.  What’s there to be excited about, you ask?

  • We have a new peddler in town, Penelope Traveling Boutique.  Check her Facebook page for times and locations as well as photos of just a few of the items she is currently carrying.  https://www.facebook.com/PenelopeNJ
  • Et Al is opening on the corner of Shore and Waterwitch, in the former SandWitch Shop space.  They have a Rumson location and will be doing prepared foods to-go.  I spoke with them briefly at Clam Fest and they will be open early so you can grab lunch on your way to work.  Both locations are closed temporarily so they can focus on the build-out of the Highlands location.  Like their Facebook page for updates on their progress and to drool over the food porn.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Et-al-fine-food-events/149926191733572?sk=timeline
  • Sand Bar is working hard to open at the former Clam Hut location.  While the summer season is almost over we hope there is plenty of warm weather left to enjoy the waterfront location.  They don’t seem to have an internet presence just yet but here is a link to the recent blog post on their progress.  https://highlandsblog.me/2014/08/20/progress-where-clam-hut-was/
  • As mentioned on this blog, the Highlands Pancake House is renovating and reopening as Mangia Mangia Pizza & Restaurant.  https://highlandsblog.me/2014/08/04/mangia-mangia-pizza-coming-to-highlands/
  • The construction of the new CVS is moving right along.  The structure is going up.  I have heard they’re hoping for a late 2014/early 2015 opening.  Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.



  1. The written report says that the chain link fence at Veteran’s Park is going to be replaced. Do we know what it will be replaced with? I hope it will not be a giant billboard like that sign.


    • They are looking at different options that will do well near the water. I think they are looking at brown or black as options. I, too, hope it won’t be too big. The park for the Veterans is getting over run with so much other stuff that I fear it’s losing its intended purpose.


    • Yes, that lot is in Highlands. The border is Scenic Drive. I’m not sure that CVS alone will roll back our recent tax increase, but every little bit helps our budget.


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