Guest Blogger Carolyn Broullon: NJ Future Wants to Hear from You

NJ Future logoNJ Future has teamed up with a research scientist from Carnegie Mellon University to support Highlands in our effort to develop a long-term resiliency plan.  One part of this support involves reaching out to and engaging with the public to talk about flooding risk and plausible solutions. To that end, they developed a short survey to understand how best to talk about these issues with community members.

Please help our community in its plan for recovery and resiliency:
This 10-15 minute survey will ask about your beliefs on flooding and flooding risk.  Your answers will help Highlands and NJ Future make plans for long-term community resiliency.  In a few months, you will receive a summary of the answers given by the community.

Here is the link to the survey:

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


  1. Can I just put a general question out there? Is it true that the government of the highlands had no flood insurance before Sandy? Also, this citizen will not support the building of any government’s bad enough I am paying crazy taxes for a school that has very few students. Please tell me what’s up with that? I want to thank everybody who goes to the meetings and lets me know what is really going on
    Thanks, Dee


  2. I believe we had no flood insurance on our rec center or our town hall. This was stated at a number of borough council meetings .


  3. The former elected officials that took part in the failure to properly insure our buildings should be indicted for fiduciary failure. The money was appropriated in the budgets each and every year, but were somehow either misappropriated or diverted to other interests. The sheer negligence of insuring especially after Irene is extremely distressful for a town of 4500 residents. This is shameful, to say the least. To think that we are in the top 5 highest taxed property owners in the county makes this even more shameful.


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