Dog Friendly Places in Highlands 2014

puppyBack in 2010, I did a post on dog friendly places in Highlands. At the time there were a few:


Waterwitch Coffee – still is

Chilangos – They used to be when he had an outside patio, but he enclosed it, so I don’t think he is anymore

Bay Ave Bakery – wasn’t there then, but is now… dog bowls and treats available

Seascape Manor B&B – allows two dog under 40 lbs for a fee of $25 per stay.


Dawg House – No More

Beacon on the Bay – No More

Clamhut – Was, but is no more


Some are no more because of Sandy, Dawg House got moved for the new Quickchek.

Sandy Hook is dog friendly on the bay side during the summer and on both sides Labor day through March.

The Pet industry is a  $58 billion (that’s right BILLION) dollar business.

Seastreak dogs/cats ride free.  We could capitalize on being a dog friendly town and attract more tourists that want to travel with their pets.

If anyone knows of any other pet friendly businesses in town, let me know and I’ll add to the list and market for them.


  1. I have seen dogs outside at The InletCafe, not sureif they have any limitations. I see people walking their big dogs all over town, I’m one of them. It’s a very pet centric town. I love the businesses that are dog friendly.


  2. i think you brought up a good point, it would also help if we actually had a dog run in town or even a dog area; most of the green places in town (parks) don’t allow dog walking


    • I thought I heard rumors of a small dog run being put on the empty lot across from the old hardware store at one point but I am not sure whatever happened with that. I believe the town would have to carry insurance on it so I assume it’s not really feasable. But dog parks do bring people in, and they can staop places like Waterwitch before and after.


    • I don’t know if there is a size limit. I bring my Snuggy (Chihuahua) and they love him! We sit outside by the water and we love it there. Plus the food is fantastic! Its a win win! I love the Inlet Café!



    • I have seen Goldens and Sheppard mixes – so I think they allow big dos so long as you sit towards the edge where they aren’t in anyones way,.


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