Housing Resource Center Opens in Atlantic Highlands

housing resource center ahThe Affordable Housing Alliance is proud to announce the opening of a new resource for residents of Monmouth and Ocean Counties navigating the road to housing recovery.

*HUD certified housing counselors work with Sandy-impacted residents to find viable and permanent housing solutions – repair, rebuild, relocate.

*One-on-one counseling, group education and referral resources to help homeowners manage the reconstruction/rebuilding process.

*Counselors assess each client’s ability to move forward to repair, rebuild or relocate, based on their available financial resources and their future financial capacity. 

*Frequent seminars and workshops educate residents about the different aspects of the construction process, financial literacy, home purchase process, foreclosure intervention, and consumer awareness topics such as contractor fraud and legal assistance.

*Staff will assist clients with locating financial or volunteer assistance to help fulfill funding gaps impeding their recovery process, including local, state and federal grant opportunities, as well as referrals to other agencies and support services that can assist in their recovery.




Housing Recovery Resource Center was made possible with funding from Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and NeighborWorks America.