Miller Beach Goes Old School with Flat Foot

miller beach copWell if you been to Miller Beach recently, you’ll notice that the big ginormous electric sign that said “Beach Closes at Dusk” is no more.

Its been replaced with Highlands PD on foot patrol.

Shrewsbury Avenue and Miller St residents seem to be very positive about the change.

Some of the resident responses include:

“Thank you Highlands P.D.! Kudos! Bravo! Just spoke with an officer that is on foot patrol for Shrewsbury and Miller!!!!!! I have awesome espresso available for the asking!”

I live right next to the inlet, highlands police officer has been out here all day, good job I’m deff a happy camper

This move is definitely a step to better officer/community relations.

11 thoughts on “Miller Beach Goes Old School with Flat Foot

  1. Sally

    What would it take for the HPD to have some police patrol on bicycles? They can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time… I would be willing to donate to such a cause…
    Any thoughts/feedback.


    1. Carolyn

      They used to do bike patrol about 10-12 years ago. Don’t remember when they stopped or why.


    2. Sallt

      I did not know they had bike patrols earlier. That is why I said I willing to donate to purchase them; because it has worked in my town. How in the world could bikes from the PD disappear?


    3. NoLongerNew

      If they take you up on the offer, let me know. I’d love to also contribute and use my contacts for a discount. I wonder if Kranky would be able to help us out. I’d much rather support local business if I can.


    1. Carolyn

      It’s been great having the foot patrol.  Their presence alone made for a great – QUIET weekend.


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