Tues is Swearing in of Councilman Card and Councilwoman Kane

Meeting Location: Henry Hudson Regional High School, 1 Grand Tour  7pm

Call to Order, Meeting Statement, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

1. Swearing in of Councilman Card and Councilwoman Kane

2. Sandy Awards

3. Appointment of Council Committee Seats

4. Public Portion


come support your newly election council members, speak your mind on the new 2 min rule (in 2 minutes or less), or any other issues/questions you may have.


  1. I see that the highlandsnj.com site has listed that there IS a Special Council Meeting, but I can’t find the agenda or any notice that the meeting is at HHRS instead of HES.

    Thanks, HB, for sharing, but it seems like both of these are somewhat important details that should be publicly posted on the official town site much earlier than this, since it is a date that has been known for some time since the election.


    • you’re welcome…. just trying to pass information on to my fellow highlanders.. although I’m sure I’ll be bashed for doing it.. Oh dear god if people show up to a council meeting and ask questions.. the horror.. the conspiracy against the council… (eyeroll)


    • Ha. I was going to say something about a conspiracy to keep the questioners away, but my tin foil hat slipped off and I needed to adjust it.

      This whole brouhaha is insane, really. I can’t keep track of what we (we being the residents) are doing wrong on any given day. Should we ask questions in public comment time? (Apparently not) Should we write down the questions and email them to our elected officials? (Nope, guess that’s wrong too. Wait, now that *is* what we’re supposed to do? Can I get a consistent answer here?)

      And if the blog readers take to another venue (aka the blog) to discuss these same issues, we’re accused of all sorts of things and horrible treatment of our elected officials. Yet airing the same “dirty laundry” (albeit with half-truths and mis-remembered facts) on the Atlantic Highlands Herald forums is all well and good when it comes from the other side.


  2. happy to see card come on council….. glad to see chris”gfy” francy go. too bad we couldnt get rid of kane too. she is equally worthless. at least its a start. 🙂


  3. Add snark to that list of things that I guess “we” can’t do but is fine for “them.”

    You know, this isn’t and shouldn’t be an “us versus them.” We all live here, and we all have the right to ask questions and ask that our elected officials and those who spend our tax dollars are accountable to residents. If you don’t want to be questioned, then be open, transparent, and clear with your citizens. Getting so bloody defensive when questioned on anything really only makes it look like there is something being hidden.

    I will add that it is now less than 36 hours before the meeting, and the agenda has still not been posted, nor any notification of the meeting at HHRS rather than the usual HES location. The agenda obviously exists, but the “Municipal Notices” area is blank and there is still nothing on the Council page (I’d love to link to them here, but…)


  4. I just found this on the Town website….

    Special Meeting – Tuesday, July 1st @ 7:00 pm at Henry Hudson High School
    From:Highlands Borough Clerk

    Looks well published to me….


    • How nice of them to put it up this afternoon. It most certainly was not there this morning, and definitely not there at 7pm last night.

      According to the Open Public Meetings Act, “48-Hour Notice” is required when a public body wishes to convene a meeting which has not been listed on the annual notice or regularly scheduled meetings. The Law mandates the public body to provide a written notice at least 48 hours prior to the convening of the meeting. The “48-Hour Notice” must contain the time, date, location and, to the extent known, the agenda of the meeting.

      It would be even nicer if the ACTUAL agenda was on the council page, along with the date of the meeting, where such agendas and meeting information go. Again, this date (and location?) have been known since before the election. The agenda was published last week. What is the issue with getting current updates on the appropriate website?

      Why not be open and upfront unless there’s something to hide or they just don’t want people to show up?


    • The problem I find with “notice” is that it’s published in the newspaper, either the APP or more likely the Two River Times. Who actually gets the newspaper delivered? A quick search of trtnj.com yields nothing about tomorrow’s meeting. If it’s in the classifieds you have be a subscriber.

      The clerk is most likely abiding by the outdated rules that were put in place before the internet existed. Most people have access to the internet and some find the paper delivery a waste of resources (paper, ink, gas for the delivery person’s car). We should probably lobby the state legislature to include updating the web site as a required means of public notice.


    • OK, sure, so I’m the only person left on the PLANET that gets both APP and TRT delivered via paper… call me old-school 🙂  TRT comes out on Saturday and it wasn’t in  there.  Also didn’t see it in APP over weekend, forgot to look in classified this morning. 


    • There was one question about bulk pick-up and one about releasing a post-Sandy town report, and that was pretty much it as far as the public portion. The only other business was reappointing Ms. Kane to various committees and appointing Mr. Card to the two Mr. Francy was on. You didn’t miss much.


    • I forgot to add the majority of the meeting was thanking first responders et al for their help before, during, and after Sandy. Most people did not stay for the second half.


    • I kind of thought it was somewhat disrespectful to leave off the countless volunteers from the award ceremony that showed up (from all over the country) for months to help us out. I think we all have stories of complete strangers showing up at our doors, walking in and just helping out. Maybe on the anniversary we could erect a plaque similar to what other towns have done to show appreciation for volunteers after hurricanes and put it in Huddy Park.

      “From the people of Highlands, In appreciation and gratitude to all who gave their time, energy and money to help us recover from Hurricane Sandy Oct 29, 2012. Our town was devastated, thank you to all that came to her rescue”


  5. We found out when everyone left that Food & Drinks were served at the Firehouse after the meeting to celebrate …. I guess Becky’s being sworn in and for the Sandy awards received. From what we were told some form of celebration is typically held for new Council members that are sworn in … but this year it appears they deviated from tradition and kept it somewhat exclusive. Tara Ryan and Carolyn Cummins were the only town officials that reached out to Doug as we were leaving. I respect them for that.


  6. That is really is not cool. I commend the emergency services that helped residents that did not heed warning and evacuate but the truth is the residents who fought their insurance companies, Fema, contractors, spent months displaced while rebuilding their homes and now trying to elevate are the unsung heroes of Sandy and a celebration with community would have been more appropriate. As I watch North Carolina getting hit with Hurricane Arthur my hope is first and foremost, that all the people of NC are safe, but secondly that other than residents elevating their homes there is something actually done so we are not so vulnerable to future storms. Just something as simple as addressing storm drains until real mitigation begins would make me feel a little better. The clear division is really sad for a small community. One can only hope we have better more respectful days ahead.


  7. Sorry i misunderstood, seems Mr Card is the only snake oil salesman and hasn’t even started yet. POST THIS MS LUCILLE. Don’t cherry pick posts out of context. I’m done with the divisive nonsense that you obviously thrive upon. I have nothing against Rebecca Kane she seems like a very nice women. I only ask of ALL council people they do what they promised.That is why people voted for them but I guess that is too much to ask. I’m done!!!!!!!!

    Just some interesting reading I did as I wanted to learn what our council and Mayor really stood for. Its sad to say but I can’t find one thing accomplished yet?

    Only thing I could find for mayor

    Quality of life-no
    Code enforcement-no
    New development-no
    Fiscal responsibility-no



  8. Tricia, don’t be “done”. Becky is very responsive……log on to her web site again and click on “contact us”. Send her your questions. She is very responsive and I’m sure you’ll get answers to your questions. I’m also sure some of the answers will be ones no one wants to hear, but they will be the hard facts.
    Info might not be forthcoming immediately as she is expecting to have her baby in a day or two, but she will respond


    • Kim Skorka did send her questions to Becky and she was sent to Tim Hill.

      My suggestion is to email Tim HIll and cc: the council.


  9. Then I would think that was proper procedure for the types of question Ms. Skorka is asking. I don’t know the nature of Tricia’s questions. Some could possibly be answered by members of Council, some may possibly be referred to Mr. Hill or some other Borough official.

    It doesn’t hurt to try. Nothing is resolved by just posting grievances on any blog.


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