Bayside Drive Residents Request Annexation to the Borough of Atlantic Highlands

bayside drive houses According to Resolution R 14 160, several homeowners on Bayside Drive sent the Highlands Borough a Letter of Intent requesting annexation to the Borough of Atlantic Highlands.

Three of the properties requesting are:

  • 280 Bayside Drive
  • 284 Bayside Drive
  • 290 Bayside Drive

Those properties run in between Shore Drive and Bayside Drive. The Borough of Highlands supports the annexation of those properties and is considering a consenting resolution upon receipt of the actual petition.

The premise is because their homes are inaccessible from Highlands Emergency services because Bayside Drive is closed to through traffic between Highlands and Atlantic Highlands. You know because the road is collapsing. Not because of slump blocking or hill issues, just because.

It’ll be interesting to see if there are other homes following suit requesting annexation to other towns. Wouldn’t it be funny if the majority of the town requested annexation to Atlantic Highlands, Middletown and Sea Bright?


12 thoughts on “Bayside Drive Residents Request Annexation to the Borough of Atlantic Highlands

  1. Katie

    Ooh that’s a great idea maybe if we collectively request annexation we would receive support to help turn around our dysfunctional town. Wondering if that means their taxes will decrease?


    1. highlandsblog Post author

      I know that all of ours will go up, that’s about almost $30k of tax revenue that will go to another town and our costs (aka schools and town) stays the same.


    2. Kim skorka

      Referring to my blog post from last week, I haven’t received any answers to the budget questions, but I doubt this town NEEDED to increase taxes 9.5%. Yes, we needed a tax increase this year but there seem to be some line items where the budgeted amount could have been cut, leading to a lower tax increase.

      That is just speculation based on my accounting experience. I’m awaiting answers that will confirm or deny my suspicions.


  2. Angus

    Seabright and ah won’t take us without some pressure or incentives; Middletown might. If a group got this going IMHO it would at least get some outside publicity to some of the towns problems


  3. duncan mcleod

    this sets an interesting precident, if
    these people can cecede from highlands,,,, the rest of us shoulkd be able to do the same. i myself have been advocating for the town to be taken over by another town for years now. The mayor has stated that this will not happen while he is mayor. time to go over the councils heads and appeal to the state. the town cannot financially exist at this point. Surely the massive tax increases that are sure to come are going to put people under. Its unresponsible at this point for the governing body to pretend that a financial crisis does not exist while refusing to explore this option. Why? because some will not give up their good old boy control over the town. when those that cant be somebody anywhere else can be the big guys on campus!! Thats why! That is more important to these people than what is in the best interests of the town, the taxpayers and the residents. These concerns have been taking a back seat sadly in favor of special interests for far too long now!!!!


  4. Don Ryan

    What town would want us? With all the problems we have. The flooding due to high tides, the sewer problems, slump blocking, the roads. And the reputation of the town…just wondering


  5. Don Ryan

    Many people got ICC letters after the storm. Do you know of anyone who had to document proof of damages in order to receive the letter?


    1. Carolyn

      We got one without asking –  I think anyone who lives downtown got one.  When our insurance asked for specific wording I asked Dale for it and he emailed the new one to me no problem.



  6. jen

    I’m curious. This section of Bayside has been closed off since before I moved here, so at least from 2004. What happened that an access road between the two towns was closed? Why hasn’t it been fixed? What can we, as residents, do to help open this up again?


    1. Don Ryan

      The only thing we can do about the road as residents is to come up with a million dollars. (At least). The road is collapsing. A few years back money(800.00 thousand ) was appropriated to repair the road. It didn’t happen. Now the road is being reclaimed by the mountain.For us(we live directly below this collapse) this problem is a double edged sword. It’s nice not having vehicles driving on an unstable road right above where you live and at the same time,by doing nothing the road is coming down on us. This is one of many magor issues this town has. I can’t think of another town with al the unique problems we have. The flooding do to high tides,the flooding from the mountain behind us,the slump blocking the raw sewage pipe problems and on top of all that trying to protect our selfs from another mager storm.lets face it,we need big money to fix this town. Where is it going to come from?
      The way I see it..we need the army corp of engineers to use this town as an experiment and fix all these problems. To see if can be done. We don’t have the money for these projects and unless we want to standup on rt. 36 with tin cups in our hands and beg for help. It ain’t getting done.
      As far as the army corps helping us…I can still dream ….can’t I ???


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